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Some basis of morality either exists or it does not. The science, law, and logic say that such a thing is called reciprocity, and reciprocity within the bounds of proportionality, and outside of the bounds of proportionality exit is necessary for any disadvantaged party. And that prohibition on or unbearable cost of exit is the origin of conflict, fighting, and war.

If no basis for morality exists, then all that is required is power to force whatever order upon people that is useful. This is a license for any and all for corruption at every level. In other worse, one has rule of law and decidability, or one has rule by man and authority.

The evolution of the law has been a battle between corruption (rule by man) and morality (rule of law). Even socialism (rule by man) and capitalism (rule of law), and globalism (rule by men) and nationalism (rule of law), and representative democracy (rule by men), and direct democracy (rule of law) are simply various examples of a long standing battle between the moral men who produce and the immoral men to live by parasitism.

The despot’s argument: empower elites further in order to garner favor (suck up to more successful people). Seize power and opportunity at every opportunity. Incrementally exercise pent up envy, anger, hatred, in order to gain pleasure and relief.

Sociopaths use a well documented set of tactics. They are natural liars. They will choose to lie even if the truth is just as advantageous. And once you know how lies are constructed, by using suggestion to force appeal to intuition, then you are no longer vulnerable to liars.

The Sociopath’s Mind:
“I must dominate, rule, punish, harm”
“I have had no achievements”
“I have no resources”
“I am not likable or desirable”
“I cannot build a following nor participate in one”
“I cannot build an organization nor participate in one”
“I can only use deceit and cunning because of this”
“I will use deceit and cunning to self promote at all times”
“I will shift locations, alliances, positions, tactics, claims, anything, and deny anything else, in order to exercise my sociopathy and related rewards”

This person will always favor despotism because it is in his interests. Because there is no other means by which those without merit can exercise any agency over those others they envy, despise, and hate.


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