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Here is an other legit criticism via Richard Heathen:

The catastrophic failure of our constitution to protect us from marxism, socialism, neoconservatism, postmodernism, and feminism under the pressure of universal enfranchisement and FPTP representative, majoritarian democracy, has soured all faith in our institutions, and driven the desire for a strong man – which is what history tells us will always happen.

But I view this as an understandable but unnecessary fear. I will agree that democracy was a terrible tragedy, but the vulnerabilities were within our system, and they can be corrected and amended. We have the longest running governments in the modern world among the english speaking peoples, and the reason is that our form of government is contractual and open to continuous reform without catastrophic bloodshed – well, at least, we survive it.

We can produce the most intolerant government in history with the greatest defenses of our people by simply providing market incentives to prosecute those who violate those those intolerances. I have more faith in our use of the courts and the law to circumvent the malincentives of the state and its bureaucracies, than I do of the malincentives of the state and its bureaucracies being constrained by their adherence to the law.

More later.

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