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I have a god. His name is sky father. He is the head of the family, of the gods of my people. I have a spiritual leader. His name is Odin. He is the ancestral spiritual leader of my people. I have a law giver, his name is Aristotle, he is the law giver of my people. I have many heroes – a list too long to name. I have my people, back to the ice ages. These are not the ‘magic’ gods of the semites, but men whose memories live on forever in our thoughts words and deeds. I ask my gods only for wisdom in exchange for service, and their service is only the interest of my people. For those of us with ancestors worthy of godhood we do not invent them. For those people with ancestors unworthy of godhood they must invent them. Invented gods are for empires of slaves, and ancestral gods for nations of sovereigns. We are the gods among men. Every man on earth is raised out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death and the chaos of nature by my people’s hands more so than all others combined. We bow to neither man nor god. We seek only to leave behind our mark as gods, one man, one life, one generation at a time.

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