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SCIENCE: As far as I know ;

(a) that discipline we name science consist of performance of exhaustive due diligence against ignorance, error, bias, and deceit in one’s testimony of observation(specific fact) [sense], action(sequence of operations) [transformation], and proposition(general rule of declared precision) [speech].

(b) That science evolved from the ancestral european common law of tort (sovereignty, reciprocity, duty of truthful testimony before the thang/jury/senate/people, resulting in markets rather than monopolies in all aspects of life.)

(c) And that this is the reason that reason, empiricism, physical science, and the evolution of western science into the world standard of truthful speech were unique to western civilization.

It is not an accident that Aristotle, Bacon/ locke/ smith/ hume/ adams/ Jefferson studied law and debated or wrote constitutions.

The law applied to material(property) disputes under sovereignty; science applied to information(knowledge) disputes under sovereignty.

Science consists in the positive application of the law to promissory (testimonial) speech.

Science and law are the same discipline, the first in defense of the private interest, and the second to defense of the public interest (commons).

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