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1 – One of the course topics on the grammars (book to course form) => No progress today.
2 – Metaphysics => Really should get closure on this, so structured approach…. be a piece for the canon so to speak.
… a) Claire’s cogito ergo sum – easiest starting point. it’s just grammar.
… b) The Orwoll Metaphysics thing.
… c) Authoritarian’s justification/speech market.

– Sick again today (sinus). Second antibiotic isn’t doing it either.

– Hooked site to discord and main Prop Site. and fixed a few bugs. Chatted with ‘the guys’ a bit.
– The Taleb/Molly thing => Wrote thoughts, should probably refine and send to M although might be overwhelming. But ether way result will be complete takedown of Taleb.
– The research for the course topic on ePrime. .=> books selected, books provide both method and examples. Open question was whether to teach the basics first then emprime, or teach prime and then the basics. gut is basics first so people know why they are studying emprime. So that’s what we’ll do.
– Work on replacement title.
– (Misc, errands, shopping)
– Morning replies from email, msg, fb.

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