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—“Q: Curtus Maximus. I want to learn more about this. Any suggestions as to where to start?”—Dominic DeLuca

By Curtus Maxiumus

A: This website gives a nice explanation of e-prime. Start with trying to write in E-Prime.

My list of disallowed and allowed words:

be; being; been; am; is; isnâ??t; are; arenâ??t; was; wasnâ??t; were; werenâ??t;
Contractions formed from a pronoun and a form of to be:
Iâ??m; youâ??re; weâ??re; theyâ??re; heâ??s; sheâ??s; itâ??s; thereâ??s; hereâ??s; whereâ??s; howâ??s; whatâ??s; whoâ??s; thatâ??s;

The following words, do not derive from forms of to be. Some of these serve similar grammatical functions (see auxiliary verbs).
become; has; have; having; had (Iâ??ve; youâ??ve); do; does; doing; did; can; could; will; would (theyâ??d); shall; should; ought; may; might; must; remain; equal.

( Maximus: FYI: I also prohibit ‘become’ )

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