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Right, so, I can….

Propertarianism consists of a collection of ideas, the most fundamental of which is the completion of the scientific method and its application to all fields, resulting in a universally commensurable, universally explicable, language of ethics, law, politics, economics, and group evolutionary (survival) strategies.

Because of the combination of language and means of testing that language, we can produce a formal law that allows us to complete the jeffersonian project (constitutionalism), restore libel and slander, and extend the prosecution of fraud from commerce to financial, economic, legal, and political speech.

With this extremely intolerant law we can restore our civilization to its historic group strategy of high trust and high velocity and high relative prosperity with rule of law under sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, the natural law, and markets in all aspects of life – and purge marxists, postmodernists, feminists from all walks of life as well as depoliticize, definancialize, decentralize, our commons, and restore the civil society.

This will, implemented as formal logic of law, within a formal constitution written in that law, use the market incentive to prosecute these information-criminals and rapidly restore our way of life, including the restoration of the laboring, working, and middle classes.

If you want me to teach you the technique of how to produce that law as ‘algorithmic law’ then you’re gonna need a class to do it.

That’s because you cannot imagine the depth of the rabbit hole that this method results in, and how many ideas roll out of it, or how much you will change by undrestanding it.

Otherwise that’s it.


Now, what you said about darwin was that organisms survived by adapting to local circumstances. What you didn’t say about Darwin is that (a) it’s undirected (b) it’s reproduction not survival, (c) local adaptation often leads to dead ends. (d) the only direction is increasing complexity. … and a hundred other meaningful things that stop people from misinterpreting it.

So that’s the issue. I said above what I said, but god knows what kinda idiocy people will come up with when they read it.

Hence “it’s complicated”. lol

Cheers and thanks for being ‘demanding’ but intellectually honest.

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