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by John Mark

The only thing I’d clarify about this is that there are a couple areas where the Left has been operating in reality better than the Right. So:

  1. Copy the Left’s tactic of gossip rally ridicule shame? No. Maybe to help win an election as a short-term play to buy us time, but not as a long-term solution. (The solution is outlaw pollution of the informational commons with lies.)

  2. Copy the Left’s understanding that identity politics wins, and that racial identity is a more powerful petsuasive force for most people (especially nonwhites) than any political ideology or set of ideas? Yes. The Right has tried to be race-blind with disastrous consequences. The Left’s reality-based success with this (colonize us with nonwhites & play identity politics with them) fools many right-wingers, because the Left lies about race, but their actions & strategy are more in line with reality in this area than the Right’s have been. We must learn from them in this area. (Race matters in political persuasion for nonwhites, more than anything else. We must deal with this reality.)

  3. The Left understands that it is all about holding the reins of power, not about “principle” or teaching people. Whoever makes the rules, rules. Whoever makes the rules, gets what they want. They go straight for the jugular: power. Without regard for anything else. Meanwhile, the Right has been trying to “be principled” and teach people (to explain/educate our way to victory). This is a mistake – truth matters not unless truth-enforcers have power and make the rules. Principles mean nothing without the power to enforce them. The Right must learn from the Left in this area.

  4. The Left knows how to be intolerant, to punish its enemies swiftly and harshly. Certain parts of the Right have tried to embrace tolerance (libertarians, classical liberals), with the predictable result that classical liberals and libertarians have zero power. The Right must learn from the Left in this area.
    What confuses the Right is that everything that comes out of the Left’s mouth is a lie. Their communication is all gossip rally ridicule shame (feminine). And we rightly say, “That is not us.” But then we look around and say, “Why do they have all the institutional power?” Well, because their actions (strategy/tactics) have been more in line with reality than the Right’s.

So yes, the alt-right’s “let’s do ridicule better than the Left” is not our long-term answer. But we must recognize the areas where the Left has operated in reality better than we have, and course correct. Without losing our essence (truth).

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