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by Benjamin Wood

I’ve experienced greater awareness of people negotiating in bad faith, consciously or otherwise.

One that immediately comes to mind is a person in my family who tends to frame their preferences in terms of universals: “Women don’t like it when you do X.” Or, “If you want people to put up with you, you can’t do Y.”

I don’t think it’s deliberate so much as a subconscious rhetorical attempt to add more weight to their preferences or put a buffer between them and potential rejection…if I shut them down, it’s not me shutting them down, it’s me shutting everyone down. I actually think it flows from insecurity / lack of agency.

I asked them to stop doing this and to put their preferences into more honest, testimonial language so that we could build a genuine relationship.

Not only did they grasp the request, they appear to feel more confident as they take ownership of their desires in dialogue.

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