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OK. This is rather silly. Here is your entire argument:

“I don’t think it’s gonna work.
The government is scary.
I don’t wanna take the risk.
I don’t want you guys to take the risk.
There won’t be enough of you to take the risk.
I don’t care about my people or the future just the present.
I’m gonna pretend that christ will save me.
I don’t understand your stuff but I’m gonna call you a cult (religious) leader – even if I would’t call marxists, postmodernists, feminists, cults but philosophical movements.
I don’t understand the policy demands, or the changes to the constitution and the laws and the practical results that they would produce.
I wanna do nothing – just like we’ve been doing.”

You don’t offer anything to counter the epistemology, formal law, the constitution changes, or the set of policies.
you only say “I dunno but I am ignorant and scared and I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Which I agree with. Because you don’t matter.
You can thank us if we are successful.
And virtue signal yourself if we are not.

And unless you are going to offer something substantive this is not worth my time. So let’s run a test: Let’s see how everything plays out. 😉

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