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Cowardice is all that separates us from victory.

—“What constitutes a victory?”—

A victory consists in the restoration of the constitution to Rule of Law by the Natural Law of Reciprocity, the elimination of accumulate rent seeking, and the prohibition on commercial, financial, bureaucratic, academic, and political speech that is false or irreciprocal.

—“So limiting free speech is a victory. Sounds kinda fascist.”—

Well we eliminate reciprocity in private life, and falsehood, fraud, and deceit in commercial speech, but not in economic, academic, and political speech. Turns out we can eliminate them in public speech. (BTW: “Sounds Kinda” is an admission of ignorance, not an argument)

—“Fair enough on the semantics. But if we parse out all the word salad, a win for you is basically a re-writing of the Constitution that establishes a cultural hiearachy.”—

You mean, a win restores non-parasitism, and restores reciprocity, under which those who are productive require non-parasitism upon the commons from those who are not, in exchange for redistribution. (Don’t accuse me of word salad as pretense of equality of comprehension.)

Your use of the word ‘culture’ in this sense is a code word (deceit, fraud) for ‘rights of parasitism’. That’s all it means. Nothing else. if you followed my work you would be horrified but if intellectually honest, awed. Truth is what it is. Theft is what it is. …

The first question of philosophy is ‘why not commit suicide?’; the first question of ethics is ‘why not kill you and take what is yours?”; the first of politics “Why should me and mine not end, enslave, enserf you?” The only answer to the second two questions is ‘reciprocity’.

Once we can no longer cooperate the, the second and third questions are all that come into play. So, either revolt, separate, prosper, and speciate, or the strong eat the weak. I’m for separatism. If separatism fails, then any alternative is superior to continued parasitism. 😉

I’m intuiting healthy IQ on your end. Which is why I’m answering the question despite our differences in objective. The herd and the female strategy of equality, and the pack and the male strategy of meritocracy. We are wealthy enough now to separate and pursue both not one.

No one needs to be oppressed except under monopoly. And monopoly is simply tyranny whether male strategy or female strategy. So, revolt, separate, prosper, speciate.


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