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by Rosenborg Predmetsky

It’s just as I’d said in a previous post: Curt’s posts can be exhausting to read, but for the exact opposite of why continental philosophy is exhausting to read: The first is exhausting because so much substance is compressed in so little, whereas in continental philosophy, so little is enshrouded by so much.

by John Mark

YES. When I found Curt the experience was the opposite of when I tried to read philosophy.
Philosophy: “There’s got to be something worthwhile in here somewhere.”
Curt: “OMG I could spend an hour thinking about each paragraph.”

(CD: these guys made my day. not because of my ego. But because when someone understands, I feel ‘validated’ – because the hard work did some good and I didnt end up just writing to myself. Moreover, it means they are becoming leaders – so I don’t have to… lol. 😉 )

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