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Suggestions: Follow John Mark (videos), Daniel Gurpide (history), Simon Str̦m (genetics), Bill Joslin (Kindler Gentler Perspective), Eli Harman and Ely Harman (Cooperative and Uncooperative Economics Рthe unkind ungentle perspective), Steve Pender (insights on cooperative economics), Brandon Hayes (Making Everything Accessible), Brendan Hegarty and Bryan Nova Brey and Ahmed Reda if you need help understanding. James Santagata (Counter Pilpul/Critique/GSRM arguments Рand sarcasm), Skye Stewart (comparative thought), Igor Rogov (slavic perspective), although I have multiple russian contributors that help as well; and Alain Dwight up and coming with occasional deep insights. @HBD_Chick on Twitter (Clannishness), @Jayman on Twitter (genetics), @rolf dolgren on twitter (social science), @nassim taleb on twitter, @charles murray on twitter (talking points), @James Woods on Twitter (talking points).

(UPDATE: added mark, brey, hayes, dwight, ahmed reda… will add others as I think of them.)

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