On Criticism of Working in Public “Curt: Why No Secrecy!!!”

February 9th, 2019


(i.e. “CURT: WHY NO SECRECY!!!”)

1 – I do my work out in the open with my real name. I always have.

2 – I educate our people on how to produce and implement a restoration of the constitution that will allow us reclaim our destiny by constitutional amendment, and certainty of members of the state the rebellion to enact it – or to cause secession between those who do and do not wish so.

3 – I do this to provide an actionable solution that will prevent the bloodiest civil war in human history that is one spark from igniting, and one that has been deterministic since the 1965 socialist transition of immigration from kin to aliens.

4 – I NEVER EVER cross the line to advocacy or organization or participation in direct action. I seek only to make our people understand that if we did choose to revolt that our success is a virtual certainty and therefore to make the state end its denial that we would.

5 – If you cannot do the same then I can’t be associated with you, and I don’t want to. You are a danger to me and our people

6 – All ‘secret’ activity only attracts the wrong people, with the wrong incentives, to engaging in the wrong behaviors, that will end in their and our harm.

7 – All any action by the state against me as a thought leader working on restoration of the constitution to prevent its usurpation, and the creation of policies in the defense of our people from economic, cultural, and genetic predation would only serve to demonstrate to the people we seek to reach the corruption of that government, and in turn grant additional legitimacy to both the promise of my work, and the promise of our ability to force our self defense into the body of law.

8 – If we must, at some future time, act, then we must and will act toward a moral end, with an actionable plan, and all act at once. And in the interim we must constraint all lunatics from preventing our expansion into the majority and the provision of solutions for the vast majority of our people – exclusive of those fools, traitors and enemies among them.

9 – Only the more sophisticated followers understand how I use the ‘marketplace’ of the internet to criticize ideas, whittle away at them, and discover those few grains of truth therein. Only the more sophisticated followers understand how I use the king of the hill game to run those tests. At any given time I might be testing any set of ideas by king of the hill games, to get you to defeat them so that I understand how to replace those ideas with better ones. I don’t want you to understand what I am doing. If you undrestand I am playing this game, and running these tests, then their utility declines. The secret to any psychological testing is to work indirectly by appealing to people’s intuitions such that their natural tendency to signal rather than report is circumvented. This is is how I work. I create games that indirectly allow me to discover possibilities. I do not start with presumptions, I simply start with what is presumed, and attack it until only a few grains of truth remain. With those gains of truth I then reconstruct the law. What we do with that law is up to us – should we obtain the power to enforce its adoption. And I must convince you only that we both have the power, and that the laws once enacted will serve our purposes. This means that all my work was in the construction of the law, the rest is only the policy we enact by that law, and the incentives of citizens to use the law to suppress, defeat, or exit those who continue the 2500 year war against our people.

Thank you for your time.
-Curt Doolittle


FROMl: thisisnotmyemail@hotmail.com
REGARDING: https://ordoevangelistarum.com/

Sir, I love your thoughts but am not happy with your boomer-tier tools. Thomas Lewis from Ordo Evangelistarum has the right ideas when it comes to implementing websites, forums, and comms. He only uses open source programs that have been rigorously tested. He is also friends with some honorable computer nerds that help him out.

You use gmail. For the love of god, why? I’m not emailing you only to be flagged by the crazed technocrats at google for not thinking like them. Discord is run by a bunch of SJWs who do not share anything with you in common either. Once again, I wont be using discord.

Open source alternatives like OE is using.

1) comms. Riot app using decentralized matrix servers. Thomas has his own server which he controls. I prefer servers in third world countries because why not.

2) Forum. He uses Discord which is simple and effective and once again, you control it yourself.

At least use some free tools that arent made around collecting user data to sell. Other than that, my respect for you overrides any disdain I have for your boomer tech strategy.


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