The Rules of Consciousness

The Rules of Consciousness

1. Our attention rotates in a competition between sensation(observation and construction by prediction and reward identification), imagination (possibility by association), holding attention on a goal (possibility by continuous opportunity seizure), and releasing predicted actions (in pursuit of the goal).

2. We rotate between sensation (observation and construction by prediction), anticipating (goal prediction), and storing (remembering by stimulating and rehearsing), on a 1/10th of a second rotation (Theta) creating competition and choice.

And Whereas
3. There is no observer, other than memory of an observation.
4. There are no observations other than sequences.
5. There is no comparison of observations other than to previous sequences.
6. There is no order in sequences other than that created by sequences.
7. There are no sequences other than those of sensations.
8. There is no existence sensed, other than those changes in time.
9. Without change we cannot sense time.

Existence is a verb
Experience is a verb
Imagination is a verb
Consciousness is a verb.
Because Acting is a verb – and we can only act in time.

And Therefore
Without action, we produce no existence, no experience, no sequence, no memory, no consciousness.

And Therefore
There is no observer other than the observations (hierarchy of increasing of sequences of memories in time.

And Therefore
We see what the camera sees.
We do not record images, but sequences of related stimuli.

“I Am, Meaning, I Exist As, the Hierarchy of My Memory in Motion”

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