Why Kristalnacht?

Why Kristalnacht is only the most recent? And another is coming? UNDERMINING: Marxism, Feminism, Postmodernism, Political Correctness to generate conflict by spreading by false-promise of equality by Gossip, Shaming, Rallying: Not Revolutionary but DEVOLUTIONARY.

You cannot specialize in UNDERMINING the Meritocratic Eugenic Market between classes by fomenting class conflict by baiting with false-promise of World Monopoly Equality as Cure for Darwin-Newton, while profiting from Usury, Gossip, Fraud w/o paying for it. Pay up.

You can fool most people in our High Trust Society with False Claims of Plausible Deniability because of voluntary exchange, but you cannot fool them once the consequences of your specialization in the generation of undermining them for profit has been exposed.

For every crime, there is eventually a prosecution, restitution, punishment, and punishment severe enough to prevent future recidivism.

The problem is, why do you keep engaging in recidivism: The undermining of peoples and civilizations for status and profit?

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