Doolittle vs Dennett on Consciousness


—“You know, P language reminds me of a direction I think Danial Dennett was going with how to study consciousness (Phenomenology), but P is more complete. It was in his book “consciousness explained”.”— Adam Jacob Robert Walker

[Y]es, well we are all subject to the same information and converging on the same solution. And I’m just the one who put it all together first.

Probably because I started with ai, programming and economics instead of philosophy and psychology.

So as the neurological revolution unfolded over the past twenty years I had less of a paradigm shift than the other thinkers.

And I don’t have pressure to publish. So I just kept working without anchoring myself.

—“If Dennett built more on cog/sci and less on phenomenology. Dennett also made the mistake of using colour for uniformity of qualia as opposed to geometry (ancient Greeks). The qualia of geometry is uniform; the qualia of colour is not. *Uniform across human personal consciousness.”—Andrew M Gilmour

Well done. very few people have that insight. Nice.

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