Packs and The Herd

By Coach Noah Revoy, Apr 6, 2020, 5:23 PM

[H]umans are either PACK orientated or HERD orientated.

The HERD has a low consciousness hive mind, they are easily controlled, manipulated and spooked.

The PACK is made up of highly conscious and capable individuals who choose to join the hierarchy for mutual benefit.

HERDs form by “accident” when a sufficient number of herbivores gather in the same spot. Entry to the HERD is unearned.

HERDs expand and multiply during good times. When trouble comes they turn on each other, abandoned the young, old, sick and weak. Thus the HERD gets thinned.

PACKs form to hunt prey and to fight outsiders. To take advantage of opportunity or to deal with a threat. Entry to the PACK is earned.

PACKs degenerate in the good times. They get fat and lazy. Hard times bring out the sharpness in the wolf. Struggle binds the pack together.

If you are part of a PACK, then you are PACK orientated.

If you are not in a PACK you are in a HERD.

If you are alone, you are still in a HERD, you are just a little lost from the group, probably they left you behind.

The HERD sacrifices those it leaves behind.

As life gets harder we will see more men forming PACKs. Struggle brings out the wolf in men.

The best men are already in PACKs, ready for the break down to signal the start of the hunt.

The next best men are already looking to form or join a PACK.

Will you be left behind?

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