The West: The Perfect Equilibrium


  1. In European Trifunctionalism, The Military(Aristocracy), Judicial(Burghers), and Faithful(Family) are Loyal to one another.

  2. Each is competitor in a triumvirate of military(war), law, and faith.

  3. There is no place for law in war or faith, only in resolving disputes between them.

  4. There is no place for faith in law or war, only in consolation because of them.

  5. There is no place for war in law or faith, only in our defense of them.

  6. This is our civilization; this has been our civilization for 5000 years.

  7. The dominant male, the ascendant male, and the female and her brood.

Together we defeat the dark forces of time, ignorance, and the Red Queen.

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