Christian Compatibility

Jan 24, 2020, 1:38 PM

Yeah, well you know, the faithful need to believe the mythos is true because men said so. We, the rational, only need to understand that Christian love, natural law of reciprocity and the physical laws are written in the structure of the universe regardless of what men said. The difference is between a personal god that they desire, and the impersonal god or nature that we observe. What we can say is that whether you are a supernatural and theological Christian first and Aristotelian second, or an Aristotelian first and scientific Christian second, that the only difference is their need to preserve the social construction of a personal deity and a life after death. Like the empathic female (christians-first), and the analytic male (aristotelians-first), women and men are also compatible – we are just not identical. I don’t know why that’s intolerable other than it leaves them on the defense in creating the social construction of a mythical reality in which they have a greater sense of control than they in fact do. But it is simply true that people who lack agency need more rigid less dynamic rules to live by. Whereas we have greater agency and are comfortable with scientific christian love, scientific natural law, and scientific physical law, because we have ourselves and others of equal agency to trust – and they don’t. So it’s understandable that they want their faith to produce the outcomes. It’s understandable that we don’t need faith in order to produce the same outcome. And it’s rather obvious that these two positions are as compatible as are the male and female.

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