Do Laws Expire Under P?

Feb 4, 2020, 11:06 PM


LAW – rules in a given political order
NATURAL LAW – Reciprocity
COMMAND – Rule by Degree
LEGISLATION – A rule by decree of a legislative body
REGULATION – Rule for enforcing legislation
CONTRACT OF THE COMMONS – A contract between representatives on behalf of the people having force of law.
FINDING OF LAW – record of decision made by a court for future reference.
BODY OF LAW – the sum of all of the above.
CONTRACT – an agreement under law insured by a court.

A constitution describes process and procedure for the production of commons.

All contracts must state dependencies, fulfillment criteria, an expiration date, termination clauses, means of restitution, and responsible parties.

Under P-Law we may only make contracts of the commons, and findings of law.

Regulations are processed as changes to the terms of the contract of the commons.

As such all contracts of the commons expire.

As such we should expect regular renewal of those contracts whose value remains in place – and regular termination of contracts of the commons and regulations that no longer apply – and a chain of terminated contracts of the commons and regulations that are dependent upon those terminated contracts of the commons.

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