Freud vs Jung vs Cognitive Science

Mar 27, 2020, 10:45 AM

by Tim Abbott

—“Tim Abbott : What’s your position on Freud vs Jung, vs Cog Sci?”—CD

Freud’s main concepts of the mind were non-original, but innovations of prior Greek concepts. The state of human affairs from the Freudian vision are outright lies.

I find more utility in Jung. Jungian concepts of an evolving mind and a shared reality that constantly revealing itself via symbols.

Cognitive science is a focus on the material world and being able to overcome emotional defects of the mind in order to think in a more rational way once again.

I believe in the duality of nature. Materialism and symbolism, and through symbolism the material world can be manipulated.

It’s a work in progress. ?


(CD: Tim is our go-to guy for psychology)

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