I”m Doing What I Said I Would Do – Albeit Slowly

Jan 26, 2020, 3:17 PM

—“What is your Response to people now 24 who said they knew about you since they were 12 but you accomplished nothing? (not my opinion) What is your response to the same nihilists who say the Virginia rally accomplished nothing and the grassroots rights will sit around as their country gets overtaken by the left as their rally was meaningless?”—

Well, let’s see. I started a site in 09. I went public in 12-13. Eli is the only person I know of that’s been with me that long. Hmm… So it’s possible I guess.

What does accomplished nothing mean? What was I supposed to have accomplished?

I set out to produce a value neutral language of ethics and politics; then to express the history of my people in those terms; then to create a constitution of natural law; and I promised a set of deliverables: (a) a moral license (b) a set of demands, (c) a plan of transition, and (d) a means of insurrection. And I said I would only take a leadership role if other leadership didnt emerge. I’m either doing or have done all those things.

Just over a year ago we started the institute on one hand, and john’s videos on revolution on the other. We have about a dozen people capable of using or building upon P. if we double that we’ll have the number I was shooting for, and if we get to 100 we’ll have certainly achieved our goals.
Conversely, what has anyone else done except bring us the catastrophe of c’ville, get deplatformed, and learned the painful lesson I warned them about in ’16 when they went down the identitarian message, rather than revolution and rights messages? Where are all those people now? Their toast.

What did Hoppe or Rothbard or the Mises institute or CATO do? Absolutely nothing. What about the Conservatives? Nothing. Why? Thy had the wrong f—king answer. There is only one solution and that is war. And there is only one way of avoiding war, and that is to make the horror of it so certain that the other side prefers to separate rather than lose two thirds of its numbers.

Y’all want to move mountains on impulse. You’re filled with rage and fear. You’re first movers like me. But you are not strategic planners like me. I am an engineer. I’m doing what I said. And the Overton window is moving at exactly the rate I predicted it would.

We will get our revolution when there is the least resistance from our own. And that will be shortly.

Go read about the IRA and about Mao, and then study what ISIS did to fund itself.

I think shit thru. That’s why I take time.

And if other leadership emerges that’s fine with me.

Someone just has to do it.

I don’t need it. I can be happy with one woman, a computer, a sports car, and a few friends.

The only reason I do this is because I love my people, it needs doing, and everyone else is doing it even worse than I am.

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