No It”s Just a Normal Tort Case – Parents Don”t Have Special Privilege

—“Curt, is this interesting or am I reading too much into it? From what I’ve read on UK property rights (past and present), the idea that pleas of injustice or “hey, no fair” could overrule the express wishes of the property owner is a significant shift away from the standard individualist approach to ownership rights. This is a move towards collectivist, ‘property is owned by the extended family’ principles.”— @lisa outhwaite

No it’s a normal tort case, wherein a man spent his life working on a farm under the oft discussed promise he would inherit it, and the family broke the demonstrated contract.

—“”Andrew’s parents put in place a series of measures which were designed to leave Andrew, in his fifties, with no home, no job, no savings, and no pension, despite a lifetime’s worth of work.”—

—“his parents went back on promises they had made that he would inherit a substantial share of the family farm, which he had worked on for 32 years since the age of 16.”—

In other words, if you and your parents stop talking to one another for some reason, well, sure they can will inheritance to anyone they choose.

But if they stop talking that doesn’t break the contract that both parties invested in regardless of whether they are parents.

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