(opportunities in thought) (note: before wolfram announced his solution)

Jan 5, 2020, 3:51 PM


Subconscious has been troubled by (or working on) something that is beginning to take shape, and I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but it’s coming out as very clear distinction between the feminine semitic and compromise hindu, and masculine european-sinic, but it’s deeper than that.

It’s that the female-semitic method of argument (baiting into hazard is literally the antithesis of evolution. It’s the greatest threat to humanity – greater than plagues. Because its a plague of the mind.

The discussions today on operations. It’s another example of whomever made the comment last summer, that the Grammars are as important as testimonialism and acquistionism+propertarianism.

I keep seeing more and more opportunity behind the grammars and this whole need for a new mathematics and the grammars is running around my head and there is something there on the fringes of auto association – a pattern of something – that I think would dwarf the previous insights.

So there is this strange constellation forming between the semitic-european falseood-truth problem, the next-math problem, and … damn.

Constitution -> Course -> Big Book -> Religion – and in the background I”m going to have to work on this problem and see where wolfram hit a dead end.

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