Feb 3, 2020, 8:58 PM
12182 pieces of orbital debris.
2161 spent rocket stages in orbit,
4790 satellites,
25 objects in orbit not yet assigned,

Less than 2000 satellite are alive
261 are Communications
178 are Military
98 are GPS

This is not a subject I have knowlege of. I don’t know the rest, and even these numbers are only rough. Yes, there are databases. Multiple. They’re detailed.

74 Global Positioning System navigation satellites have been launched, 31 of which are operational, 9 in reserve, 2 being tested, 30 have been retired and 2 were lost at launch.

There are currently 5 Positioning and Navigation satellite systems.

1) GPS (USA)
2) GLONASS (Russia)
3) Galileo (European Union)
4) BeiDou (China)
5) NAVIC (India)

GPS has 31 satellites in orbit.
GLONASS has 24 satellites in orbit.
Galileo has 14 satellites in orbit.
BeiDou has 22 satellites in orbit.
NAVIC has 7 satellites in orbit.

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