Six Points that Explain Our Differences

May 27, 2020, 11:55 AM
(worth repeating)

I see everything:
1 – In context of acquisition.
2 – I understand how limited our agency (free will).
3 – I understand that the bias in our cognition has only three axis of variation, of which the physical differences in brain structure and chemical signaling between the sexes is most significant. (the others being developmental hierarchy and developmental degree).
4 – I understand that civilizations use strategies, myths, and grammars to defend them.
5 – And that people are largely ‘bots’ running that software on hardware with different biases.
6 – And it takes both a less biased brain and mind, and a tremendous amount of effort to free ourselves of those inheritances.

Most of my work if not all of it provides a uniform system of measurement to circumvent those biases, which producing the first complete language of science: testimony.

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