The Definition of Abrahamism

Nov 5, 2019, 11:00 PM

Abrahamism (noun)

The use of false promise, baiting into moral hazard, advanced by “Pilpul” consisting of the heaping of undue praise, sophism, supernaturalism, and pseudoscience, and defended by “Critique”, consisting of straw-manning, disapproval, moralizing, shaming, ridicule, rallying, gossiping, and reputation destruction – thereby advancing a falsehood on one hand, and attacking the person rather than argument on the other.

In our Glossary of Natural Law “Abrahamism” refers to the argumentative technique of using Pilpul (via-positiva), and Critique (via-negativa) to construct sophisms (the argumentative equivalent of numerology and astrology) via use of loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, overloading, the Fictionalisms, appeals to reasonableness, and false promise, to create hazards.

All three Abrahamic Religions, Kantian philosophy, Marxist argument, and Postmodern thought all make use of this technique of argument, often stated as “Dialectic” but operationally consisting of Pilpul vs Critique.

1) Restatement of Myth as History
2) Projection of Traditional Wisdom as Authoritarian Law
3) Dependence upon Supernaturalism (“Magic”, “Miracle”)
4) Monopoly (exclusivity) and threat of loss for non compliance.
5) False Promise of Impossible(supernatural, natural) Reward for Compliance.
6) Use of Pilpul and Critique In Defense of the falsehoods.
7) Castes of Priests with status, power, and economic incentives to perpetuate the falsehoods.
8) Secret Knowledge, or Prohibition on Competing Knowledge, or Denial of contradictory knowledge.
9) Oath to a falsehood. Payment of Ritualistic costs to the falsehood. Payment of ‘donations’ (fees) to the priesthood.

Mankind’s Enemy’s Strategy
Civilizational Destruction from Within;
Instigating Construction of Internal Spirals Capital Destruction;
Baiting into Hazard (certain risk);
Those who are ignorant or lack agency;
By use of False Promise (circumvention of reality);
Under the persuasion by Sophism (pilpul);
Justified by Critique (lie, criticism, straw-manning)
Under the cover of Moral Pretense (lie);
Under the cover of Plausible Deniability (lie);
For the purpose of profiting (by harm)
From the consumption of accumulated capital (undermining):
… truth, reason, delay of gratification, manners, ethics, morals, traditions, cooperation between classes, organization of the classes,
By not specializing in,
… The production of innovation in goods services information, both private and common
… Warrantied
By Specialization in fields permitting Export of Risk
And Absent Warranty
… Gossip for Undermining (Entertainment, Media, News, Opinion)
… Informational Destruction (Academy)
… Government (Facilitation of Conflict)
… Legislation (Undermining by, Facilitation of Conflict, Facilitating Dissolution of norms, traditions, manners, ethics morals, Parasitism, Capital exhaustion)
… Rent-Seeking (special interests)
… Corruption (influence)
… Undermining the law (specialization in undermining the constitution via the courts)
… Law (specialization in coercion)
… Finance (Parasitism and entrapment)
… Tax and accounting (evasion)
… Marketing and Advertising (scams and undermining)
… Sales Scams
… Commercial Trade in Scams physical, service, and informational
… Black Market Goods, services, and Information.
… Check Cashing
… Loan Sharking
… Gambling
… Pornography
… Prostitution
… Drug Dealing
… creating conflict,
… destroying trust,
… generating demand for restitution
… generating demand for authority,
An authority that recursively issues another iteration of
… false promise,
… baiting into hazard
Causing a Continuous Conflict Spiral
And Tragedy of the Commons (Conflict for consumption)
until all accumulated assets:
… genetic,
… cultural,
… normative,
… artistic,
… economic,
… institutional and
… political;
have been consumed;
by the conflict between classes and interests
and by the expansion of the underclasses;
whose numbers, invasion, reproduction, consumption, agitation, had been previously limited by;
… productivity, property, market, law, and natural aristocracy;
… And the surplus proceeds from production devoted to the production of commons;
… Providing the asymmetric returns on those commons.

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