Feb 8, 2020, 9:42 AM
by Brandon Hayes

The Overton window is taking abuse. We push on it from the inside so it expands. There are also people on both fringes pulling the edges of discourse from the outside. We’re breaking the window frame; and we ought to. Discourse is all acceptable; it’s certain action that isn’t. So, we’re crushing a concept.

As the window opens more perspective frames break. I’ve been attempting to frame the conversation around the edges so previous frames of for sense-making that offered clarity become obsolete. (Say capitalism/socialism… the frame is false; we’re forcing the issue).

Your timeline has always been money from what I could tell. The future has events that provide clarity/turning points. (2020 election for instance)

At this point anything that alters the emotional underlay of the populace suites us because emotional breakdowns are perspective altering. The detractors, those that look to minimize emotional fluctuations only work to create emotional fragility and unstable frames (as they are emotionally based). [All chaos suites those that can reinstitute order. We’re the only ones offering anything fair]

No one can survive sanely inside themselves searching for happiness. The recent JBP breakdown proves the solid open individualist frame [the one JBP purports as paramount] doesn’t hold up under pressure to change the whole world. It crumbles and falls apart because it’s more than anyone can do.

See I believe it’s ok to need others. It’s necessary. I’ve been lucky to have those I can lean and depend on. I have been blessed with those I can trust. And now I have a system to vet everyone and can teach it to everyone else. (Thank you)

We’re winning and people join winning teams. It’s a matter of getting them to put their money where their mouth is. And since money is abundant and it’s time that’s scarce; they have every reason.

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