To Violate Our Sovereignty Is to Invite Us to War

Feb 1, 2020, 7:45 PM
See, you don’t get it. The only reason not to conquer, deprive, exploit, enserf, enslave, or end – or worse, is reciprocity.

You see, ‘sovereign means’ capable of defense – every man a sovereign: a king, a legislature, a knight, a husband, a craftsman and all else he might be.

That is why natural law and international law are the same: because no man has say over another unless he violates the sovereignty of another – and if so then they may war. If they choose not to war they may duel. If they choose not to duel they may seek decision from the people in a jury. If they do not abide by the jury they have lost the insurance of their sovereign peers, and are limited to their own defense. And as such, they will easily be the victims of war by the polity rather than just their prior enemy.

We are the men of Europa.
We are sovereigns – all.
And to violate that sovereignty is to invite us into war.

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