The Enemy Blames Us for Discovery of The Laws of the Universe


The Left’s Big Lie: Blaming Whites for God.

—“This is brilliant. An explanation of how the left demonizes the good intent of the right.”–Jason Smith

The Enemy Left, foments rebellion by claiming, without any warranty or liability, that the European Success achieved by our discovery and adherence to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – that maintains selection pressure, limiting the reproduction of the underclasses, using the empirical evidence of adversarial markets, and as a consequence genetically pacifying, incrementally domesticating, and evolving humans into Agency, is a form of oppression, rather than the gentle domestication of families clans and tribes into humans that are fit for a high trust, high growth, society and the prosperity that comes with it.

In other words, whether evil or unfit, these enemies of western civilization, blame white people for the universe’s physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, like they blamed the gods before us.

And they offer false promise of salvation from those laws if we are gone. When the painful truth is – every other civlization failed to discover physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and institutionalize them as their group strategy.

And that is why they stagnated, fell behind, or died at evolution’s hand.

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