Verdict: The French Are Exceptional at Producing Bad Ideas. But The European Jews Outdid Even the French the Leftist Program  😉



The French, well, they are the best in the european world at producing bad ideas: Rousseau. The germans tried hard, but couldn’t beat the french at bad ideas: Kant, Hegel, etc. Then the european Jews came along with marx-mises, boas-freud, lenin-trotsky, gramsci-adorno, derrida, friedan, rand-rothbard, strauss-kristol and a million others who tried to produce even WORSE ideas. And you know, competitively, i’d have to say that the Jews clearly won the battle of bad ideas. Although, the nonsense of the french ‘enlightenment’ is still as dumbfoundingly ridiculous as it was two hundred years ago, and german philosophers are ‘quaint’.  😉

Americans, We don’t come up with bad idea so much as that we just do the dumbest possible thing in world affairs at every possible opportunity to do something dumb. Why? Americans, despite speaking english, are predominantly germanic people, and we moralize everything in a world where frankly, no one else can live up to that standard other than germans.

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