Welcome to Childhood’s End

If there is a god or gods then they have written their minds in the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, for all of us to see. And any man or men that contradicts them is in a violation of god’s or the gods’ laws. In that case only a small number of european men have discovered, followed, and preached god’s or gods’ laws. And in doing so dragged mankind out of his status as talking animal, resulting in our, freedom from superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering,

How can a body of law, consistent, correspondent, coherent, with physical, natural, and evolutionary law, where that natural law consists of sovereignty, reciprocity, testimony, adversarialism (markets) and jury, that is completely and totally free of dependence upon human discretion, and authority to violate physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, because its entire premise is the search for means of decidability independent of human ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking and deceit; that as a consequence preserves the three means of coercion by trifunctionalism (adversarialism), by retaining separation between martial (dominance-investment), civil (cooperation-exchange), and religious(submission-debt) institutions, violate every single one of those dependencies, when it is those dependencies that made possible the achievements of western civilization in the ancient and modern world, and where the catholic period represents the antithesis – dark age of ignorance poverty disease, suffering – and that we could only recover from by the reintroduction of our ancient thought, thereby reharmonizing our military, legal, and religious (philosophical) traditions? Christianity makes good peasants that can be used and abused by a priesthood, that maintains their intellectual emotional and physical infantilism as a means of controlling them.

All people need a religion to indoctrinate the children and the agencyless by use of ritual, storytelling, and celebration in imitation of the hunt, feast, and celebration, to take advantage of our most pre-human instincts to train us to loyalty to the pack. There is nothing in christianity to be had other than jesus’ teaching of love (tolerance, forgiveness, charity) by the extension of kinship love to kith. And that to sacrifice self-judgement and other-judgement, as debt to his memory, will provide mindfulness, as we transform ourselves, our families, and our societies, from others, to kith, to extended kin, and prepare ourselves for the increasing cooperation necessary in an advanced society, despite our increasing alienation and insecurity as our survival, and happiness, gradually becomes less dependent on our actions, than it is on the actions of others. Christianity prepares you, your kin, your kith, your polity, your civlization for scale, and the returns on scale, by indoctrination into that forgiveness of self and others inner animal instincts, *so that the benefits of adversarialism can be obtained, while the difficulties of adversarialism, all of which is out outside of our control, can be tolerated by you, your kin, your kith, your polity, and your civlization. Christianity doesn’t work because of any other reason. It works because it assists in the production of trust under adversarialism(markets), where all other religions seek to exit, ignore, resist, or abuse adversarialism (markets), rather than benefit from them.

That does not mean that we must remain infants – or violate physical, natural, and evolutionary laws. It means some people are biologically inferior and cannot mature into adults and practice reason. And that other people can mature into adults and practice reason. And others can mature into adults and practice calculation and computation. The difficulty arises when there is inconsistency between the parables we use to indoctrinate the child and the agencyless, the general rules we use to reason, and the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws we use to calculate and compute.

So it is possible, valuable, and in some sense necessary, as jefferson tried, to integrate Christian teaching into western civilization, but to do so with ritual, parable, feast and festival that is not incommensurable with european civilization’s discovery of and adaptation to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

Because people need that training or they will seek training of their intuition that is not dependent upon god’s or gods’ physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and the trust generated by the imitation of jesus and the practice of his teachings.

And our failure to convert our religion from supernatural to the reasonable and rational is the reason for the success of the false promises of the second semitic attack on civilization: marxism, neo-marxism postmodernism, feminism, hbd-denialism, political correctness, and outrying lying – or the regression into primitivism under islamism.

Welcome to Childhood’s End.

It’s the will of God or Gods.

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