Comments on Weinstein Brothers and Taleb


The “process that’s afoot in the world” is systematic postwar de-Prussianization of sensemaking (European martial, scientific, and technological sense-making), so that advanced technological civilizations are possible for the many who must function in it at all levels. And where those of us who are intellectually exceptional will succeed at innovation anyway, as we have in Europe across all time. What ‘you’ can’t tolerate is the loyalty (and piety) that must be demonstrated to the vast majority who require that Prussian Discipline. It is those people that make the civilization function. It’s those of us who are intellectual elites that give them to tools. Most influential professor I ever said (not that I had many) said to me “The world is not made for us. It is made for them, and it must be. We can only help them.” That was his version of ‘We are but tiny riders on large and willful elephants’.


I couldn’t have succeeded in the Academy because there is no advantage to graduate serfdom, and cross-disciplinary research that takes a minimum of ten years to produce a meaningful output is intolerable to the system – the same reason Higgs gave that he wouldn’t survive in the system today. I made a fortune intead and it’s the only reason I can speak the unvarnished truth about every taboo, learn from defeating them, and produce law, policy, and institutions to restore Prussian(martial, duty), Anglo (legal scientific), European(primacy of man, by commons, reciprocal, truthful speech, high trust), sense-making, and Aesthetics (Greco Italian primacy, heroism, and tragedy of man).


What Nassim gets wrong, and what you are getting wrong, is that the solution to the problem of the postwar age is the restoration of the traditional European martial demand for Truthful, Reciprocal, Warrantable, Speech in public, enforced by law. He still can’t face the fact that his project, if he completed it, would require two admissions: (a) that the information necessary for a mathematical estimation of the information necessary to predict a black swan event will require a unit of measurement not achievable without an artificial intelligence to create a standard of computational measure. (b) that the only ‘skin in the game’ possible is warranty of due diligence within the limits of restitutability.

In other words: traditional European natural law of tort against interests BOTH private AND common.


What’s left of the US? They’re the Middle America that you despise. They’re still Germanic. They’re still loyal. They still do their duty. They’re still disciplined. They’re everything the postwar Jewish thought leadership brought here to the states has done everything possible to destroy those values. For the same reason, ancestors wouldn’t make a gesture of fealty to Rome. The Undermining of Sense-Making, and Civilization version two: Boaz, Freud, Marx, Mises (yes), Cantor (yes), Bohr (yes), Adorno-Fromm (et all), Gramsci, Derrida, Friedan, Rand-Rothbard, Trotsky-Strauss-Kristol (et all), and yes, the Weinsteins who claim that they are followers of the European tradition rather than the postwar Jewish tradition to destroy it like every other host civilization: The traditional Jewish rebellion against realism, naturalism, decidability, testimony, reason, reciprocity, duty, and commons. Science = Legal Testimony under realism, naturalism, operationalism, and reciprocity. That’s why only Europeans discovered it.


The strategy in that’s being used is the institutionalization of the female strategy of undermining alphas in the Abrahamic Religions: Jewish, Christian, Islam: Claiming aristocracies are oppressors for discovery, adaptation to, and application of the physical, natural and evolutionary laws, and selling the unwarrantable, plausibly deniable, false promise (seduction), of freedom from oppression by those laws using the deceptions of Pilpul(sophistry, denial, relativism, preference before truth,), Critique(undermining, straw-manning, and heaping of undue praise vs arguing the central premises in pursuit of the truth). They’re repeating the Christianization of the west with the false promise in this life rather than the next, in exchange for destroying the civilization that makes their rebellion possile.

And yes I know why everyone is terrified of debating me. I’m even less ‘tolerable’ than Taleb. 😉

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