—“The only necessary policy: Forced sterilization of the dependent sub-90’s would be the only policy necessary. Since 90 floats on the average, this policy would never have to change.”—

That’s called ‘positive’ (or hard) eugenics’.

Well, we did it successfully prewar. But the postwar (a)propaganda (b) prohibition on research (c) pseudointellectual movements of Marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and HBD-Denialism are all predicated on suppressing this one continuation of natural selection. The industrial revolution ended it. And that means eugenics is a great filter, and that the end result is extinction.

—“Not only will no one agree to this, but it has to be one of the darkest and most horrific approaches to dealing with ‘double-digiters’. A better way imo would be a 1 or no child policy for welfare.”—

That’s called ‘negative’ (or soft) eugenics.

Of course – that’s the right policy.  😉

And it’s what’s in our Constitutional recommendations.

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