No the Cancer of The Left Hasn”t Gone Too Far – until The Election. the Strategy Will Work

—“If the social revolution is the global metastasis (of sense) already far gone, that is, already extended to and infiltrated regionally, is a regional compromise not impossible? And is a military strategy not doomed to failure, by sheer imbalance of robot numbers, both human and machine?”—Pierre Rousseau

No, the strategy will work because it’s ‘real’ not just verbal or moralizing but offers real material benefits to everyone at the expense of world elites. The problem is getting past the noise into discussion of those benefits.

And because if the ‘threat’ of having 100k men moving about, consuming everything in their path, picking up more men as they go along, even if they do nothing martial, doesn’t work – then letting them loose on infrastructure will do the rest.

Controlling the narrative forces the discussion on policy.

Discussing the policy exposes the system of lying.

Removing the myth of state power removes the will to resist.

The worst that happens is separation.

The gov’t cannot ‘fire on’ its own people when they are asking for financial reforms without world justification for ‘punishing the government’ from without.

It will work flawlessly – If we get 100k people before the left takes office.

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