Two Videos: The Heroic vs Degenerate Views of Islam

[T]he combination of this exceptional video on the Rise and Fall of Islamic Science, by Shervan at Caspian Report stating the positive view of islam, and it’s opposite, The Destruction of Classical Civilization – 1400 years of warfare by Islam stating the negative vie of islam by The Center for Political Islam teach us the reason for the expansion of Islam (appeal to the bottom, and raiding), and the problem with Islam (denial of physical natural and evolutionary laws).

However, we have a similar problem in European civilization with Christianity, Judaism, and now Islam. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all sought to end the corruption of the tribal leaders on the one hand, and on the other, to profit from the opportunity created by the wars between the indo-Europeans (Persians and Europeans), but most importantly – to ‘stop’ the Indo European aristocratic civilizations, from (and here is the secret) the natural EUGENICS of the indo-European civilization, and the treatment of ‘lesser peoples’ as animals to be incrementally domesticated into indo-european civilization.

Judaism is a revolt by social economic and political undermining against the judicial class (truth, natural law, reciprocity, realism, naturalism), Christianity is a revolt by a philosophical-resistance movement against the warrior class (realism, naturalism, reciprocity, markets and duty), and Islam is a religio-military revolt against the entire frame of aristocratic hierarchy, market hierarchy, science an engineering hierarchy, and the need for acts of PRODUCTION in exchange for status and membership in the group. Demonstrated merit in European civilization requires expensive action. While Islam Christianity and Judaism made CHEAP MENTAL and RITUAL ACTS of submission to the group the only requirement. And in doing so created the dark ages, from which Europeans alone escaped, by the reintroduction of Aristotle, and the renormalization of their philosophy, and their law at the expense of church and theology.

This is the underlying divide that still separates the civilizations: the MATERIAL world that seeks to make mans mind correspond to the unpleasant laws of the universe, and the SPIRITUAL WORLD that seeks to make man’s mind DENY AND RESIST the unpleasant laws of the universe – in which there is no god, the universe was not built for us and we are an accident, and human life is not universally valuable, but must participate in the constant race against evolution’s Red Queen.

Europeans, entirely by accident, discovered, adapted to, and applied the physical (entropy, scarcity), natural (truth, reciprocity), and evolutionary (regression to the mean, market eugenics) and this is why Europeans ‘advanced’ faster than all the rest of mankind combined.

But we were as infected by Jews and their Christianity as Islam was by imitating Judaism and Christianity. So the Disease of the Abrahamic Religions spreads by the bottom (least able) because it is in their interest to resist evolution, by resisting the aristocracy that seeks to evolve them.


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The Jewish tolerance for Pyhsical Science but creation of pseudosciencese to undermine western civ as hatred of god ( … )


Jesus’ original message of love of one another and resistance against those who would abuse them filled the vacuum in pagan civilization where the slaves, unfit, laborers, and most women were only work-animals to be domesticated – and instead gave the lower classes a means of contribution to and status within society – a reward that made the tragedy of physical(realism, naturalism, operationalism), natural(reciprocity, markets, hierarchy), and evolutionary(market prevention of regression to the mean, eugenics) laws tolerable, while the aristocracy continued to advance evolution.

But the church perverted that message and turned Christianity into a competitor for government by the repetition of superstitious middle eastern despotism, mandatory ignorance, and visions that man is evil, life was hell, and that paradise is only to be had in the ancient world, if they DON’T conform to the Indo European discovery of, adaptation to, and application of physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, the primacy of man, and man’s destiny as the gods we imagine.

The Three Revolts Against Nature

The Realist, Materialist, Heroic, Military, Expansionist, Paternal, Pagan, Adversarial, Market, Hierarchical and Eugenic civilization that immediately began to drag mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease by Self Determination, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Empirical Testimony, producing Trifunctionalism and Adversarial, Meritocratic Markets and the Resulting Eugenics versus Judaism to undermine as an organized crime family with the sole purpose of destroying aristocratic civilization, Christianity to weaken by Jewish false promise from within, and Islam convert Christianity from submission and weakening to the conquest of and destruction of aristocratic civilizations – and as a result reverting ing mankind to ignorance, poverty, and dysgenia. All other civilizations failed to fully discover, adapt to, and apply physical natural and evolutionary laws, but only Semitic civilization developed a means of reversing them – of ‘de-civilization and evolutionary reversal’.

European Civilization still struggles to escape the lies of the abrahamic revolt against nature, and their revolt against europeans as masters of nature, and natures’s laws. Becuase the bottom is too easily seduced by the false promises that were invented to appeal to them – so that they would help to underming civilization.


And we cannot escape Christianity, jews will never escape the organized crime that is Judaism, and it is almost impossible to imagine that Muslims can escape Islamism because of the many at the bottom who cannot bear the truth of the Tragedy of man’s position, or create a heroic religion of the Tragedy of Man and the Primacy of Man like the greeks and the Romans: pagan (spiritual religion), stoicism(mental religion) epicureanism(social religion), Law and Markets(political religion) military (Cultural Religion).

This is why (and I say this to Islam, Christianity, Hindus, and Subsaharan Africans: There are no problems outside of East Asia and European civilization that cannot be solved by one-child policy over six generations. The size of the bottom outside of European and anglo civilizations is the cause of poverty and decline.

And there are no problems in western civilization that cannot be solved by the restoration of our demand for the evoluitonary transcendence of many by the ultimate means of calculating that transcendence: self determination, by sovereignty, reciprocity in display word and deed, including truthful warrantable speech, markets in court, commons, and commerce, and market meritocratic eugenics demonstrating fitness to reproduce within them.

And while Japan, Korea and china understand this – the rest of the world refuses it. Because the rest of the world cannot face the truth: the universe is not here for man, or kind to man, and man must defeat that universe to survive. And the only means of doing so is evolving man so that it’s possible for us to defeat the universe. And that means constantly prohibiting inbreeding, reproduction at the bottom, religions that deny reality, and instead, making a religion out of the transcendence of man into the gods we wish existed.

The Rise and Decline of Science in Islam

The 1400 Year War Against Civilization by Islam

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