The Militia Is First Before Arms

—“I admire Poland for many things they are doing now.”—Stewart Colley

—“Let’s hope they repeal their gun laws”—Josh Burda

Ooh.. gotta answer that one.

Lesson from Russia: you don’t convert to consumer capitalism without first establishing rule of law.

Lesson for the world: you don’t convert to an armed populace without first establishing military service and a militial tradition.

If anything, the past month has made me understand that the cognitive class-tribes of men can only be united by military training where words do not matter, only empirical evidence, truthful testimony, and duty to one another before all else.

Men > Military Service (at last boot camp and two years of continuous operations – even just training – ‘in the field’, three years is optimum because that’s the length of the human forgetting curve necessary to truly transform. > Quarterly militia practice for military, disaster, medical, or riot control.

This is our most profound secret to success.

Military > Empiricism+Testimony > duty > invsetment in the commons > Status regardless of rank > ‘insurance’ regardless of rank.


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