Why Are All Sociologists Leftist (Not Right)


Sociology is a leftists discipline because it is the Pseudoscience and the center of the replication crisis: the measurement of reported interests (virtue signaling). Right-wing ‘social science’ consists of aristocratic politics, law, and economics: the sciences of measuring demonstrated interests.

The Right-wing uses science: Rule of law that produces markets that determine one’s value to others, economics to measure the success at rule of law in producing those markets, policy to supplement those markets – and we don’t deny the fact that natural selection must continue by continuing the western tradition of limiting reproduction to those that can survive and pay for their offspring by service of one another in those markets, with those policies, under that rule of law, measured by economics, and correspondence with, and coherence with, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.


The purpose of non-economic ‘social science’ beginning with Boaz, is purely Jewish cosmopolitan universalist, and its Marxist, Neo-Marxist, Postmodernist (second Jewish counter-revolution against truth, reason, science): is to provide pseudo-scientific cover for the Great Lies:

The Great Lies of That Deny The Physical, Natural, and Evolutionary Laws
1. The Nature of Man (acquisitive, amoral, kin selective, super-predator),
2. The Variation in Man (Races, classes, sexes, ages, generations),
3. The Malleability of Man (the slate isn’t blank or rewritable),
4. The Inevitability of The Red Queen (preventing regression to the mean – eugneics)
5. The Possibility of Endless Growth (end of scarcity);
And therefore:
6. The Myth of Oppression: to claim Europeans are ‘evil’ and ‘oppressors’ for the discovery of physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, domesticating themselves and others, so that Europeans nearly single-handedly dragged mankind out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, disease, suffering, and early death.

The purpose of the first Jewish-Christian-Islamic counter-revolution against European civilization, and the purpose of the second Jewish Marxist, postmodernist, feminist, political correctness, counter-revolution against European civilization, is constructed by the myth of oppression, rather than domestication, and that the Great Lies are an alternative to the truth: that we must live within the limits of the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws if we wish to prosper and pass thru the great filter; that only Europeans discovered and adapted to them; an that all other civilizations either failed to develop, or stagnated, or fell, because they failed to have the courage to face the truth: the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws are tragic for man.

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