Are Instincts Enough? (No)


—“Can much of human life not be governed by instinct, from fighting to family to other personal functions? Expert pattern recognition is one thing, but can’t personal life be run pretty much by natural law functioning through the instincts?”—Paul

Hmm.. Instinct > Intuition > habit > norms > traditions > laws > group strategy.

And our instinct is reciprocity within the limits of proportionality. So if we have ‘enough’ we are likely to be moral. If we do not have enough we are increasingly likely to stretch the limits of morality because we feel we’re outside the limit of proportionality. Which is the leftist lower middle, working, laboring, and underclass instinct. And Harm-Care bias is the privileged class’ instinct for broadcasting virtue signals thereby claiming their moral superiority without paying any cost for it themselves. Likewise the privileged (I’m guilty in the past) feel we can get away with things because we are ‘superior’. So the middle class that has ‘enough’ is the sort of norm we have to regulate the top and bottom to – because instinct follows status (proportionality).

And, you know the smart people bias? How we can’t imagine how dumb others are? Well, there is moral bias too. We can’t imagine how intuitively immoral others are. And if you spend any time with street people, or even poor people, their ethics are similar but their morality is very different – out of necessity.

So, if courts of the natural, empirical, common law of tort are there to REGULATE us, sure. Personal life can be run pretty much by our instinct of natural law. But if you look around the world, at every culture, across all time, the instinctual norm is self-interest constantly testing the border of ethics and morality. Humans are amoral, and minimally moral. So we must REGULATE intuition regardless of instinct.

Graceful increase in success (knowlege, calculation), and graceful failure (instinct, tradition).

Graceful Adaptability to Time and Knowledge: Brainstem > instinct > intuition > experience > knowledge > reason > calculation > computation.

We must train one another to use the most costly tool we can wield in the given time frame.

The Law Creates a Standard of Weight and Measure

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