Hierarchy of Knowledge?

–“Curt, what’s the hierarchy of knowledge?”–

[H]uman Logical facility (constant relations) > language (grammar facility, grammar, metaphysics, paradigm, vocabulary) > logics > math > physics(physics, chemistry) > biology (biochemistry, biology, ecology) > sentience (neurology, cognitive science) > psychology (incentives, biases) > sociology > regulation (norms, manners traditions, ethics, morals, laws) > Institutions > group strategy > aesthetics (preference ) > Storytelling (Testimony, Narration, Storytelling) >
The Fork >
… Physical: Science > Pseudomathematics > Pseudoscience > Magic
… Verbal: Philosophy > Sophistry > Idealism > Surrealism
… Emotional: History > Mythology > Theology > Occult

As far as I know, science (formal, physical, human) has fully replaced philosophy in all ‘truth’ claims, and philosophy is left limited to  ‘preference’ claims.

I am pretty sure it was Max Weber who said something along the lines ‘Eventually every discipline will be reduced to calculation’. All truth can be. Only choice cannot be.

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