Regarding Daniel Schmachtenberger’s Use of Critique

[R]egarding The Use of Critique

This episode is the first in a series where I’ll use popular purveyors of the Abrahamic method of deceit to illustrate its use – so that you can learn by example how it’s used to deceive by baiting into the hazard, and then to illustrate the underlying strategic, cognitive and reproductive causes of their specialization in the Abrahamic method of deceit.

Starting with the familiar people, I’ll begin with the IDW: The Weinsteins, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Jordan Peterson – although I don’t include Joe Rogan because I don’t see him using Critique.  Then I’ll move on to Zizek and Chomsky, Krugman and Stiglitz, and work my way through the some prominent leftist Underminers. Then I’ll work through the scientists: Brian Greene, Brian Cox, Leonard Suskind, and Sean Carrol compared Roger Penrose and to Michiu Kaku. And Nihls Borh, Gorg Cantor, compare to Hilbert, Brouwer, and Turing.

And you’ll see the pattern – and once you see it – you can’t un-see it. And then you should begin to see the difference between European and Semitic sense-making, and hopefully, we can then expand to chines,  Hindu, and Muslim thought – and at some point you’ll start feeling as horrified as I am.

Because I have a deep personal affection for Daniel, and consider him a good soul, I’d prefer not to begin by using him as an example. But it’s the fact that he is a good soul, that best illustrates the point, that just as our Christian good souls are easily indoctrinated into the Abrahamic method of deceit, anyone else can be too – and the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Marxist, postmodernist strains all indoctrinate equally. And while empathy over truth may be the driver of the behavior, it doesn’t mean that the empathic can’t be ‘cured’ of using the Abrahamic method, any more than the rest of us can’t be cured of the perception that the earth is flat.

Unfortunately, the world does not consist of good souls, but people who seek to work through this life by some combination of submission, cooperation, or dominance. And each of those strategies can be put to good or ill.

So one can intentionally engage in false promise, or one can learn the art of false promise without understanding the consequences and engage in it as a utility, or one can grow up in a christian, jewish, muslim, old world or marxist, neo-marxist, postmodernist, feminist modern world, and learn it through environment indoctrination, or one can learn to imitate it because of environmental frequency if it’s prevalent enough.

Intent to harm > intent without understanding of harm > indoctrination into culture of doing harm > Imitation by frequent exposure

This method is so seductive – that’s because it’s an evolution of the human seductive instinct – that we must learn alternative strategies in order to prevent ourselves from addition to using that method of false promise and deceit.  But it is far more effective on the agreeable and empathic than it is on the disagreeable and analytic. And it is more effective on the island 120 or ‘midwits’ than it is on those above Island 120.

But the Jewish tradition that birthed, and constantly refined the Abrahamic method, by specializing in baiting into hazard, is perhaps the most insidious compared to the overt strategy of the Gypsies, Muslims and Marxist, neo-Marxist(cultural Marxist), postmodernist, feminists and Christians. At least Christianity has been largely domesticated by having to conform to European intuition and tradition. 

So just as you can test whether a statement is testifiable and reciprocal with a checklist (formula), you can test Jewish Critique with the same checklist (formula).

But to do that we first have to understand what truthful speech consists of, the European limits on speech, and the manner in which Europeans conduct speech under those limits, and the European group strategy that allowed us to discover and use truthful speech, limit ourselves to it, and the list of manners of speech within those limits.

Group Strategies

All civilizations evolved the following necessary information systems:

(a) a group evolutionary (competitive) strategy,
(b) a mythology to explain and justify it,
(c) wisdom literature to communicate it,
(d) a system of argument to persuade and defend it, and;
(e) institutions to persist it.

Geography Determined Strategy

Those group strategies were dependent upon local conditions – particularly geography – during the Age of Transformation.


And Relationship With The Natural World

The European Group Strategy

Cattle raiders, Charioteers, Cavalry, Hoplites, Legionnaires, Vikings, Pirates, Marines, A universal militia not an army. A universal militia is voluntary – an army is not.  The psychological, social, economic, and political, value of a universal militia extraordinary.  

Psychological: Status is easily obtained, no matter …


Mobile Pastoral Warriors evolved from pastoralists with cattle and horses to Mixed, agrarian, pastoral warriors. And with the 40% increase in calories available from milk products, the evolved into conquerors, that killed or enslaved the men, and kept and enslaved the women across the Eurasian plain.  Then they moved southward, and evolved into conquerors that enslaved populations, and profited from their domestication.  

Aristocratic egalitarianism, meaning rule by voluntary, entrepreneurial, warriors.

Self Determination by Self Determined Means 

Individual Sovereignty 
Every man is his own state and legislature.
Legal, Normative, Reciprocity as a Consequence 

Aristocratic Egalitarianism = Expensive Entrepreneurial Warfare for Profit. Fighting for membership in the franchise. Shareholders in the industry that is the polity.

Individualism = Self Determination, by Self Determined Means, Reciprocity, Contract, Oath, Truth, and as a result, legal and political sovereignty. Hence the preservation of oddities like the duel, and trial by combat.

Democratic political structures = Better Said, Markets in Every Aspect of Life.  Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Commons, Dispute Resolution (court), and Polities.

Trifunctionalism …

Producing Continuous Dynamic Organization and Reorganization. The west and far east can make large organizations. And why the Chinese make better totalitarian bureaucracies and Europeans make better dynamic private organizations. And pretty much everyone else failed.

Scientific Rationalism = Metallurgical (Technological), Testimony before Jury, military reporting of the facts,  unforgiving military epistemology.  All of western civilization is a consequence of a military aristocracy, entrepreneurial warfare, access to the franchise in exchange for oath and fighting.

???? = The Primacy of Man

Man does not compartmentalize – and often can’t.

  • (a) Preservation of separatism (non integration) (Tribalism)
  • (b) Maximizing Commons Production
  • (c) Pro?t from conquest, rule, governance, commerce, innovation, engineering, technology  (Parasitism)
  • (e) Specializing in 
  • (f) Investing assets from these productive activities into ….
  • (g) Undermining Moral and Ethical Markets and Trade: Slowly migrating capital into mixed criminal, black market, grey market, and Open market industries (Undermining Markets)
  • (h)  the information system 
  • (i) the state, the law, their knowledge, their traditions, their culture, their institutions, and their norms in order to convert the state from suppression of local rents to maximization of rents (Undermining Political Cohesion).

Truthful Speech 


The European Limits on Speech


Spectrum of Speech

    • Polemic: an individual’s expression of anger by criticism in political matters.
    • Diatribe: an individual’s expression of anger by criticism.
    • Criticism: opinion or factual objection to statements or actions.
    • Prosecution: adversarial falsification (criticism) of one or more theories. Or what we call ‘science’. 
    • Argument: adversarial competition between theories – or what we call reason.
    • Debate: competition between theories before an audience.
    • Discourse: an exchange between parties for the purpose of the exploration of competing ideas.
    • Dialog: exchange of information for the purpose of understanding ideas
    • Testimony: Speech that communicates facts, warrantied to be free of wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism, bias, and deceit, under threat of perjury (harm).
    • Ordinary Language: negotiation of ordinary behavior in ordinary daily life.
    • Opinion, Essay or Narrative: Speech that communicates opinion.
    • Narration:  
    • History:
    • Fiction:
    • Suggesting, Obscuring, Loading, Framing:
    • Fictionalism:
    • Fraud (Deceit):

European Argument

  • Promissory
    • Promise, Accountable, Liable, Undeniable
  • Decidable
  • Productive
    • All parties obtain a return on their investments
    • Must creatively (productively) contribute to solving the problem (not just complain)
  • Fully informed (truthful and complete)
    • Physical Laws:
      • Realism and Naturalism (Soft Determinism) 
      • Operationally possible 
      • External Correspondence 
    • Logical (Verbal) Laws:
      • Consistent in identity,
      • Internal consistency,
      • Parsimonious, Fully Accounted, Within Limits 
    • Natural Laws
      • Bounded Rational Choice
      • Reciprocity: Reciprocal Rational Choice
      • Sufficient to meet the demand for infallibility
    • Evolutionary Laws
      • Capitalizing not Consuming
      • Preserving Natural Selection
      • Not Regressing To The Mean
  • Voluntary
    • Exchange or Transfer
    • Of Demonstrated Interests
    • Free of Imposition of costs on the demonstrated interests of others.
  • Warrantied
    • As productive, fully informed, and voluntary, sufficient for infallibility
    • Reversible and Restitutable, within limits of restitution, upon Error
  • Liable


The Ternary Logic of Cooperation

We are indoctrinated into the colloquial yet often undefinable use of truth, but not that we must meet tests of sufficient infallibility to claim we speak truthfully. We have vast numbers of people, and perhaps the vast majority of women, that, by stating ‘true for me’, cannot distinguish between useful, preferable, and excusable, versus true regardless of utility or whether we prefer it, and whether a statement is warrantable. We have just as many people, and the majority of women, who  We are confused by the difference between honesty, truthfulness (due diligence), ideal truth, and tautological truth. We are taught the logic of inference where statements are either true or false.  But statements in and of themselves are undecidable, possibly true, or certainly false.  Likewise, we are indoctrinated into the norm of cooperating or not cooperating.  But our choice is cooperating, not cooperating, or conflict. 

The problems with our presumption in the victorian debate, when we should be using prosecution. The premise of always bearing arms, lost to us.

If the opposition will not engage in truthful reciprocal negotiation on an exchange that achieves mutually beneficial ends, then the only solution to the conflict is violence.  And the western man has lost his will to use aggressive, thorough, and relentless violence against parasitism, undermining, and instigation of discontent by false promise.

Violence is never off the table. It is licensed the moment we encounter … the reason we tolerate it from our females is that they’re generating demand without generating solutions, and in our division of labor, they generate demand in exchange for bearing the primary cost of reproduction and care.

Caretaking vs Parasitism vs Undermining

The difference between Christian-Liberal care and Jewish-Marxist-Pomo undermining.

Suggested Reading

  • Chapter one of The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong. So that you understand the beginning of the great transformation – why our religious traditions developed. This chapter addresses the use of religion for social organizations in each of the great civilizations.
  • Part Two of Horse Wheel and Language by David Anthony – to understand the emergence of the steppe peoples and reason for their rapid expansion.
  • In Search of the Indo-Europeans by J. P. Mallory
  • Three Books: The Other Greeks, The Western Way of War, and Why The West Has Won by Victor Davis Hanson
    –“Hanson argues that the West has won not just because of technology and military might, but because of its focus on individualism, democratic political structures, and scientific rationalism. However, this is no mere Eurocentric account of the steady millennia-long rise of Western power. Rather, it is an explanation of why the West finds itself now militarily unmatched, its values spreading around the globe – sometimes with devastating effects on local cultures which have at times adopted the worst of what European traditions have offered or imposed.”–
  • The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates – by Peter T. Leeson. So that you understand the rational incentives that give rise to the emergence of democratic institutions, and the corporation among charioteers, formation infantry,  cavalry, Vikings, pirates, and the European way of life, society, and war: a militia.

The Semitic Group Strategy

  • Female Strategy:
    • Natural: Supremacy,
      Others: Parasitism – particularly on commons
      Organizing: Undermining,
      Myth: Deceit (Fictional History)
      Negotiation: Deception (Baiting Into Hazard) 
      Grammar: Inflationary (Fictionalisms)
    • For the same reasons females feel they are superior to males, Jews feel they are superior to indo europeans.
  • (a) Preservation of separatism (non integration) (Tribalism)
  • (b) Evasion of payment for the cost of the commons (manners, ethics, morals, traditions, institutions, common property) (Free Riding);
  • (c) Pro?t from baiting into hazard (usury, alcohol, prostitution, slave trading, gambling, organized crime); (Parasitism)
  • (d) Pro?ting from (Undermining)
  • (e) Specializing in use of the state against the people (tax collection, money changing), (Corruption)
  • (f) Investing assets from these criminal activities into rent-seeking (non productive, parasitic returns) (Rent Seeking);
  • (g) Undermining Moral and Ethical Markets and Trade: Slowly migrating capital into mixed criminal, black market, grey market, and Open market industries (Undermining Markets)
  • (h) Undermining the information system (Propaganda)
  • (i) Undermining the state, the law, their knowledge, their traditions, their culture, their institutions, and their norms in order to convert the state from suppression of local rents to maximization of rents (Undermining Political Cohesion).

Now, with that understanding, let’s define the properties of Critique.


  • Opportunity to obtain an unearned discount by avoiding a cost, causing others to bear a cost, lie, cheat, steal, undermine, or defeat.
  • Decidability – in the choice between the via positiva: self sufficiency, reciprocity, and via-negativa: parasitism, and cheating a preference for 
  • Criticism of the status quo, current leadership, current plan, current strategy, norms, traditions, institutions.
  • Conflation of Approval, Preference, and Desirability with Truth, Necessity, and Possibility
  • Indirection
  • Incrementalism
  • Avoidance
  • Special Pleading, Irreciprocal or Polylogical Ethics, False Moral Equivalence
  • Liability warranty
  • Plausible Deniability
  • Feminine demand from Males to insulate females, the young, and the old, and the weak from physical, natural, evolutionary, laws of the universe, by social construction of instability that threatens the dominant males.
  • Anthropomorpization: Blaming the dominance hierarchy as a proxy for the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws. (Blaming the police so to speak).
  • Absence of Solution, Statement of Demand, because stating the demand would cause retaliation, or be otherwise untenable.  Why? Because solutions or alternatives are open to equal rational criticism. Instead, absence of a solution, substituting criticism causes the opposition to defend against ideal demands rather than comparative trade-offs. The appropriate counter is to ask for an equally articulate plan, how to bring it into being, and what the consequences would be.
  • Selling Cope via Hope as a Delaying (Undermining) Technique.  
  • False Promise: Freedom from the conformity to the ‘oppression of physical, natural, and evolutionary laws’. Freedom from scarcity, freedom from reciprocity, freedom from suppression of dysgenia.
  • Selling Frauding: Advanced by Pilpul: using the three possible means of human defrauding: Physical: magic > pseudoscience, verbal: sophistry > idealism, or imaginary(emotional): supernatural > occult.
  • Undermining (blaming) by GSRRM: Disapproving > Denying, Shaming > Gossiping, Outraging > Rallying, Psychologizing > Moralizing, Dominating > Oppressing, Reputation-Destruction > Propagandizing (Limiting consumption)

… (S)haming,

… … (M)oralizing,
… … … (P)sychologizing,
… … … … (R)idiculing
… … … … … (R)allying
… … … … … … (G)ossiping
… … … … … … … (P)ropagandizing
… … … … … … … … (U)ndermining,
… … … … … … … … … (R)eputation destruction.
… … and solving for…
… … … … … … … … … … (F)ace, approval, or consent – instead of truth.

In western history GSRM was largely illegal or punishable by direct violence between men. And laws against “scolds” -women’s gossiping and undermining – were enforced to keep the peace. During the democratic and Marxist and postmodern movements as women demanded political power, they undermined these laws of the duel, libel, slander, and scolding, under the pretense of free speech – rather than free truthful factual speech (testimony). Marxism, Postmodernism, and feminism consist largely of sophism pseudoscience and denialism defended by GSRM.

GSRM, like outright denial, is one of the means of dishonesty that avoids argument, whereas dishonestly constructing argumentative deception is done by Loading Framing Obscuring Cherry Picking, Fictionalizing, Sophisms, and the Fictionalisms of idealism, supernaturalism, and pseudoscience.

  • Straw Manning – painting a false or cherry-picked set of claims to undermine. My pet peeve is economists who ignore losses in civilizational, Institutional, cultural, normative, informational, cognitive, and human, capital. 
  • Personalizing an idea, and attacking the person, versus heaping of undue praise to exaggerate a  person. —“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”– Saul Alinsky
  • Overloading: by use of Dialectic(using narration, suggestion, suspension of disbelief, recursive undermining, for recursive suggestion, recursively reducing resistance to skepticism, and providing reinforcement by appeal to instinct.)
  • Environmental Overloading (propaganda) – 
  • Social Construction of Threats: by use of continuous gossiping about the subject at every opportunity so that those who are less able and informed are convinced by environmental saturation (Norm).

All Critique Is “Lying” – and Here Is Why

1 – Either we are engaged in
… … productive,
… … fully informed(truthful),
… … warrantied (skin in the game),
… … voluntary transfers (exchanges),
… … free of imposition of costs upon the demonstrated investments of others by externality,
… … limited to our ability to perform restitution (reversal),
.. or we are not.

2 – Every forced transfer is a lost opportunity for exchange – even if an exchange of good, for norm (behavior).

3 – In other words, all demands for goods independent of exchange are simply use of threats of disassociation (boycott) as a means of extraction (rent-seeking).

This technique is how all religions were, and are, manufactured. Whether supernatural in the past or pseudoscientific in the present.


Their technique of Pilpul: They use an element of truth to create a false dichotomy and therefore frame the question by suggestion, and obscure the solution due to anchoring.

  • We are always vulnerable to anchoring.
  • Because we are vulnerable to anchoring we are vulnerable to framing.
  • Because we are vulnerable to framing we are vulnerable to suggestion and obscurantism.
  • Because we are vulnerable to suggestion and obscurantism we are vulnerable to influence.

If we are provided for incentive to justify that influence we can be controlled – by Blocking our Opportunity and Motivation for seeking truth.

The three abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) all produce recursive ignorance due to BLOCKING our search for truth.

This is how PILPUL is used to deceive, and why math, logic, science, economics, law and testimonial truth are such an important defense.

A lie (incentive), a half truth, a False dichotomy (choice).

Low trust people simply don’t go beyond the tangible. High trust people do. Our asset of high trust in constructing the commons which produce such outsized returns compared to other peoples. But our trust( suspension of disbelief), and vulnerability to anchoring, suggestion, and obscurantism make our ordinary folk easily deceived, manipulated, controlled, and preyed upon.

And “Dialectic”


Baiting Into Hazard (Seduction)

“Using False Promise, Baiting Into Hazard, Advocated by Pilpul, Defended by Critique, Escaping Liability and Warranty, by Pretense of Plausible Deniability, Despite Deliberate Avoidance of Due Diligence, And Deliberate Evasion of Warranty, Deliberate Escape From Liability, Given the Asymmetry of Knowledge, the Presence of Malincentives by both Agent(s) and Victim(s) – And Pursued for the Purpose of Attention, Reward (pro?t), Influence(power), Undermining (Power), of the Trust and Cooperation, of a Population in Normal Distribution, Thereby Generating accelerating Cycles of Internal Con?ict, Generating Demand for Authority to Control by the Hazard Maker.”

That paragraph may require multiple reads, so that you follow the full sequence. It explains the genetic con?ict strategy of females who must manage children by half-truths, compete and cooperate with other women by half-truths, and in?uence or undermine the dominance hierarchy of men with half-truths, using the suite of disapproval, ridicule, shaming, scolding, psychologizing, moralizing, gossiping, rallying, and if necessary psychotic episodes (female version of anti-social behavior) to obtain her interests — because she cannot otherwise compete by production, trade, knowledge, argument, or violence.

The Abrahamic < Jewish < Semitic < Cognitively-Female technique of undermining host civilizations, nations, groups, hierarchies, families, and individuals. Seduction by false promise of freedom from truth, duty, reciprocity, productivity, and the laws of nature, into hazard and harm, for pro?ting by parasitic extraction.

Evolution provided women with verbal means of warfare just like it provided men with physical means of warfare. And in all statistics both criminal and mental illness, and in all forms of political speech, and even in all forms of argument and discourse, men bias to truth and falsehood under physical threat, and women bias to approval and disapproval under threat of undermining.

Men are Political and Military super predators but Women are Social and Political super predators. This is the reason for women’s disenfranchisement from political participation in history, and the reason for women‘s historical reputation as the root of all evil “discord”.

Europeans are male superpredators, and Jews are female superpredators, with the only difference being that Europeans dominated the production of bene?cial rewards for mankind, and jews and Arabs dominated the production of harms to mankind.

Abrahamism is the same technique used to bring about the ?rst Semitic Dark Age — this time of Pseudoscience (including economic innumeracy) and Sophism in the forms of Jewish Marxism to instigate con?cit between the classes, Jewish Postmodernism cause con?ict by undermining conformity to high trust norms, Jewish Denialism that we call Political Correctness to deny the truth, all under the false promise that equality — ever desirous of the female given her demand for consumption — is possible. When the entire point of Jewish cosmopolitan universalism in this age, like Jewish supernatural

Compare Critique To Argument


The Great Conflict of Human History

The homogeneous masculine eugenic pack of hunters and farmers were able to produce high trust commons, versus the heterogeneous feminine dysgenic universalist herd and herders were unable to produce high trust commons. (Cain and Able is the literary example of the Pastoralists hatred of the wealthier and urbanized Agrarians and Metalworkers).

But the question is not Athens vs Jerusalem, since both ideal democracy and supernatural universalism have been the greatest failures of all of the world civilizations, causing the destruction of every great ancient civilization and bringing about the Abrahamic Dark Age and it’s 750M dead; as well as the current 150 Year attempt at recreating another Abrahamic Dark Age — this time by Rousseau, Kant, Marx, Boas, Freud, Cantor, Adorno and co., and their 100M dead. Followed by the inventiveness of the French and their conspirators: Derrida, Foucault, Rorty et al. And the feminists that followed from them: each trying to produce a monopoly as a means of avoiding markets for cooperation, because they are unable to compete in those markets for pareto optimums, only Nash equilibriums

In the ancient world, overextension of the empires to eliminate local frictions (taxes, rents) on trade, and profit from those efficiencies, produced travel, communication, trade, and infrastructure that made possible the Jewish and Christian invasion of the western empire; intentional fomenting of underclass resistance against the aristocratic civilization; and then Byzantine forcible conversion of the entirety of the population in order to end Reason, Law, and Aristocratic Rule.

The same technique is being used in this current era: invade, rebel, rally underclasses, import underclasses, and then seek power by numbers, using fairy tales desirable by those underclasses using the sophisms those underclasses are defenseless against, and which the Aristocracy tolerates or finds useful until the society has been destroyed by it.



Suggested Reading

( … )


This video (see the link) is an example of Daniel Schmachtenberger using Pilpul(pseudoscience), GSRRM-Critique (Psychologizing), Baiting into Hazard (the false promise of freedom from influence by superior competitors, Undermining (not providing a comparable or competitive solution that’s equally testable). )

This video is an example of Daniel Selling his New Left Religion of the “Temple of Cope”. Daniel continues the Judeo Christian, Marxist, Leftist tradition of selling the false promise of freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws if we just ‘believe’ we can convince people by the social construction of a nonsense narrative that the feminine intuition is possible, rather than a demand from males to do their best to provide it for them anyway.

And that is the evolutionary explanation Daniel an those like him are too fearful to face. They cannot bear the world as it is. Bearing the world as it is, while still parenting the common people through it, appears to have been almost unique among a few aristocratic classes in Europe, Early India, and China. And only after sufficient homogeneity and wealth had been created that the vast majority of people were other than the equivalent of dangerous and unpredictable farm animals.


1) You do not ‘have’ power. People LEND it to you. People maintain the use of it by the permission of others. How do we know that? From all the examples of people who rapidly lose that power.

2) People lend it to you in exchange for getting something done for them – or in the case of Daniel and most of the left “The False Promise” that they’re getting something done for you.

3) Getting attention, borrowing, and consolidating others’ power rewarding. It’s intellectually, emotionally, sexually, socially, economically, and politically rewarding.

4) And it’s fun. It’s just true. Period. It’s fun to win in any and every aspect of life. Period. And every win merely opens up new vistas of opportunity to win, and more opportunity to collect more power from others.

5) Achievement is very hard work. Harder work than most people can imagine. It’s gathering information, trying ‘experiments’, learning from them, and accepting the daily losses and failures as an intellectual, emotional, material, and social cost.

6) the competence (power) principle applies, in that a tiny percentage of people are willing to work that hard, tolerate the mental and emotional pain, tolerate those losses, cause almost all meaningful beneficial change in the world.

7) The worst most immoral predators I know – which is where most of the ‘evil people’ come from – are in unproductive, parasitic, or predatory industries like the charity industry (especially the SPCA or Red Cross for example), religion(all of them), the self-help industry (Daniel and those like him selling false promise), the academy (leftist religions), public intellectuals (gossips), Media (gossips), Entertainment (attention whores), Advertising (liars and frauds), snake oil salesmen (“health”, Diet, Fitness products), scam artists (phone scammers, etc), the underclass financial sector (debt collection, check cashing services), the lower class financial sector (insurance, pension, medical ‘insurance’), the middle-class financial sector (anything to do with publicly traded stocks), the upper financial sector (the global financial class), The state and federal bureaucratic classes, the political classes, and especially the Activist Classes. Every one of those industries is largely involved in fraud of one kind or another – and they are the present wealthiest classes.


You want to move into a better neighborhood with better schools and you will work hard to do it. Why? So you can be free of those whose ‘frictions’ inhibit your greater fulfillment in life. We failed to preserve western civilizations’ demand for truthful, testimonial, warrantable speech because we wanted to profit at all levels.

It’s not captains of PRODUCTIVE industry that are the frauds. IT’S THE PEOPLE WHO TALK FOR A LIVING and sell unwarrantable promises and are not liable for their words.

Because fraud is always more profitable than productive, fully informed, warrantied, transfers.

And fraud is performed by words.



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