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August 20 at 1:58 PM ·

Quotes dates for posts between March, 01, 2020 and July 01, 2020. The pace has stiffened yet again… paying attention to those that are taking in the information for you is wise. These people can save you an enormous amount of time; and time is scarce, money is abundant… which one are you chasing and storing?

[The founder of The Propertarian Institute, his work si easily found on the website, it’s cataloged and easily sort through. The next leap in science can come during your life time and you have a choice to enjoy the fruits… never again does this offer manifest before catastrophe.]
Man is risen beast (hero) Not fallen angel (criminal).
As long as you’ve got enough men present it’s a jury.
It is only animals who fear the truth, and liars who avoid it.
The utility of immorality increases as enforceability decreases.
We must educate not prevaricate. It is the cost of transformation.
What you are seeing is the third-world-ization of the USA, by design.
We remember debts better than we remember spatial configurations.
They aren’t used to living in a world that requires constant calculation.
The truth will in fact set you free – at the cost of additional responsibility.
Decidability refers to satisfaction of demand for infallibility in the question.
I mean, I have respect for the queen, but after that it’s just the art of the duel.
Jesus gave us wisdom. It was in addition to our wisdom; not in replacement of it.
An awful lot of us in P considered or briefly participated in one of the priesthoods.
Our social order law, court, houses; the most easily reorganized because it’s procedural.
Deprive the government the ability to extract from the people; decrease power distance.
We must still make neo-marxism and postmodernism and feminism and hbd-denial over.
You need to act; you need to have confidence to act no matter how bad your information.
Having six to ten men around you when you’re afraid and angry tends to reduce resentment.
The present judiciary conflates law, legislation, regulation, and command. We disambiguate them.
Our Militia: The LAW, our jury, and our rights – we are unruled because we forbear for only rule of law.
The tendency for all money to go into debt in Washington DC or New York or Los Angeles will disappear.
Constitutions don’t save you (us). They explain the terms by which others do not need saving from you (us).
Politics is the Entertainment business for ugly people, but both operate in the interests of the evil people.
Abrahamism is as advanced a method of deceit as Aristotelianism is an advanced technique of truth telling.
They don’t want you to know things partly because they don’t want you to go home & judge your parents.
The future looks like being taught P-law, meta-physics, psychology, & sociology in this universal language.
Automate like hell so that our group of people can produce a landscape where we don’t have to work very much.
Self Determination within the Limits of Sovereignty and Reciprocity. Reciprocity within the Limits of Proportionality.
We can try to fight to pull a past that isn’t possible or we can create a future with positive opportunity for all of us.
Feminism as indifferent mediocrities rather than as opposite and compatible excellences was a disaster for the west.
We are proposing the greatest and most rewarding redistribution of power over self determination in human history.
Greece, Rome, & the British Empire are expressions of the European Group Strategy at increasing scales. Militia created.
Males are lean mean machines. Females are the opposite. Neoteny limits maturity, buying time to develop agency.
Police can show up at your house, criminalize something you did by accident, or innocently, and throw you into the system.
Our way is good for everybody, so let’s create the way. We all develop the commons we want and pay the costs for them.
The problem is smart people can’t imagine that their competitive advantage does not translate to the reproductive market.
GKC (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)
[Author, philosopher, Christian apologetic… wrote a book titled “The Third Way”; wiki him if you don’t know him]
If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.
It is dangerous to be alive; one very often dies of it.
The Citizen has liberty; the Slave can have only leisure.
Public education has not produced an educated public.
I am not afraid of opposition. My God is a God of battles.
It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.
Feminists are, as their name implies, opposed to anything feminine.
Of all horrible religions the most horrible worshiping the god within.
A moral standard must remain the same or it is not a moral standard.
What is wrong with our civilization can be said with one word — unreality.
A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.
The man is the head of the house, while the woman is the heart of the house.
If a real book has not touched us we might as well not have touched the book.
The bully is the man who acts on the assumption that he will not have to fight.
Those who have nothing to say may say it a million times and in a million forms.
Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
Real love is not passive; because one cannot feel it without being ready to fight for it.
Right is right, even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong about it.
Those that chastise you for associations are also those that won’t allow for disassociation.
Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.
We are in danger of forgetting all facts, good and bad, in a haze of high-minded phraseology.
The Family is not only an institution, but a foundation, the foundation of nearly all institutions.
Science must not impose any philosophy, any more than the telephone must tell us what to say.
The definition of the true savage is that he laughs when he hurts you; and howls when you hurt him.
Government does not rest on force. Government is force; it rests on consent or a conception of justice.
Men in a state of decadence employ professionals to fight for them, to dance for them, and to rule them.
What the peasant has is exactly what the Individualist never has and the Socialist never has: common sense.
There is no limit to the lunacy of men when they think themselves superior both to laughter and humility.
We are always near the breaking-point when we care only for what is legal and nothing for what is lawful.
The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.
Pornography is not a thing to be argued about with one’s intellect, but to be stamped on with one’s heel.
War is not a proposal; it’s the refusal of all proposals. War is not an institution; it’s the breakdown of all institutions.
Homeless intellectualism of an unhappy age: Bigot: anybody who is sure he is right & other people are wrong.
An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.
It’s easy to be a madman or a heretic. It’s easy to let the age have its head; the difficult thing is to keep one’s own.
A nation is a thing which recognizes a certain moral principle called patriotism, of which the opposite is treason.
All punishment is a sort of righteous rebellion; the revolt of all men against the man who thinks he is the only man.
Civilization is a decision. The indecisive, the higher skeptics, the idealistic doubters have remained barbarians.
What we need, as the ancients understood, is not a politician who is a business man, but a king who is a philosopher.
There is now a false idealism of turning Government into God, by a vague notion that it gives everything to everybody.
Once twenty barely tolerable men owned one newspaper; now 20 newspapers are owned by one barely tolerable man.
The answer to anyone who talks about the surplus population is to ask him whether he is the surplus population…
You don’t know a tyranny until it’s on top of you; until you’re in its trap. The tyrant isn’t present until he’s omnipresent.
When a politician’s opposition he’s an expert on the means to an end; when he’s in office he’s an expert on obstacles to it.
It is rather a curious coincidence that in every controversy in which I have been hitherto I have always been entirely right.
Our education is uneducation; its whole tendency is to unteach people the traditions of their fathers.
All vulgar errors arise from education. The uneducated are generally right: the badly educated are always wrong.
Marxian materialism is a slave morality; a protest against particular authorities made by the spirit of slavery, not liberty.
Why are going on with this double process; cursing the position we are in & blessing everything that’s brought us to it?
In this age everything done inside a house is called ‘drudgery’ while anything done inside an office is called ‘enterprise.’
Outcomes of modern education are uneducated men. Our education is uneducation; to unteach people traditions of their fathers.
P. (P-LAW; Propertarianism)
[It’s THE law for rule OF law]
Not tyranny; symphony. In concert or conflict.
We no longer reward people for telling the truth.
All people are compatible in commerce – that’s the wonder of Trade.
Demarcation between animal and human is agency, not consciousness.
Men require adversarial training. Without it they acquire brain damage.
Sheriffs are elected (‘citizen soldiers’) Police are hired (‘mercenaries’) {Every man a Sheriff}
Reformation: Extensions of involuntary warranty from goods and services to information and speech.
New American Constitution: Preserving trade, treasury, military, and veto(insurer of last resort) power.
If we don’t have universal standing in matters both private & common, we can’t use the court to defend ourselves.
Legislative law is incomprehensible, where as reciprocity (natural law) is both intuitive and comprehensible.
BIG PROBLEM: The law(current) does not recognize interests in the commons when the state is the actor violating them.
The reallocation of capital from media, financial, and academic sectors must serve local rather than imperial demands.
Reformation: Every other possibility ends in random chance. The cost of that will be millions of lives and trillions of dollars.
Nationalize the banks; allow ‘financial talent’ to obtain commissions rather than interest which belongs to the commons.
Reformation: Incremental evolution of our laws such that we suppress and reverse the institutionalization of the arts of lying.


NBA = No Basketball Anymore
Peaceful demonstrations intensify.
Be like Jesus: Flip tables, whip bankers.
You think the AIs are going to forgive you?
Original sin is ancestral duty for the non-agentic.
Act like a human or be domesticated as you ought.
People wearing masks ought be treated as infectious.
Public education: a Zoom! chat will suffice. No, no; same price!
The time for justice is long past due; a righteous correction lies in wait.
Someone explain to me how multiculturalism isn’t cultural appropriation.
FACT: 2020 has had the lowest number of recorded US deaths since 2009.
Average men are ordinary. Common men are extraordinary. Which are you?
First tell of a worthwhile opinion; it’s counter the opinion holder’s preference.
Dismantle the cities for materials to build US Space Force and colonize the future.
Public education: telling boys they aren’t good girls since the industrial revolution.
You oughtn’t have free speech but the freedom to testify. As that’s what Jesus did.
Look, I don’t like to watch it burn but I’m not gonna not warm my hands by the fire.
All those saying “vote them out”… ah, y’all voted them in and yous haven’t changed.
You can have man’s judgement of God’s laws or you’ll get God’s judgement of man’s.
Gulags and stool-pigeons. Why aren’t we hearing these terms a lot more? …it’s unnerving.
It’s common for those with little to no agency to categorize the successes of others as luck.
Protesting in the street is attempted suicide. (change my mind; that’s how that works, yeah?)
Some lives matter to some people for some reasons. That’s about the extent of it. Value varies.
The truth carries serious cost. Paying it is wise. Not truth carries unbearable cost. No more lies.
Going into public with a mask whilst not sick is sick. Going into public with a mask whilst sick is sick.
Patience not a virtue: good things come to those who wait but only things left by those who hustle.
There’s a difference between gate-keepers and flood-gate-keepers. People ought keep that in mind.
Outcome of a race between Trump and Biden circa 1994? (alternate timeline scenarios encouraged)
Inalienable: unable to alienate. Giving up an inalienable right is unlawful. Inalienable rights are duties.
I prefer not to respectfully disagree with anyone. I vehemently disagree. Cause most people are wrong.
A very healthy dose of “keep your feelings to yourself” would do us a whole lotta good right about now.
Go woke for broke. This is the motto of the NPC/SJW/Pedocrat. Join our zombie hoard or be consumed.
Most of what we consider work(jobs) is merely consumption and its acceleration. You’re not productive.
Abortion, sex changes, & (in)voluntary sterilizations but not home births covered by medical insurance…
There is a single path of sanity. The really real reality tunnel is one of a kind. It’s something to travel together.
There are consequences for tattling and crying wolf. They’re just delayed. Or don’t you read children’s stories.
The Democrats(DNC) haven’t disavowed Antifa nor BLM yet… that makes them terrorists too; 100%. Your move.
In the best America Elon Musk is developing laser guns for the militia forces. But, this isn’t that America… yet.
What kind of criminal do they need to be for you to stop following, voting for, playing with, and paying them?
Failure to integrate is catastrophic for humans. Integration isn’t any different from domestication. Sort it out.
People: Remove/replace all white men! White men: we should band together to stop that. People: Nazis!
Do your job = do your duty. If that equation is untrue for you(which I suspect). You’re not doing your duty.
It’s victims who most often turn perpetrator. Victim cards turn into victimization cards real quick in a pinch.
Any history buffs? When are Gulags the next thing? (modern/future equivalent of a Gulag for bonus points)
Stifled warriors and amplified psychotics. In what reality was this going to work out? Demonstrably not this one.
We have an individualist approach to creating collectives. This is a masturbatory approach. Try actually collecting.
Public education isn’t. Indoctrinating children into a culture of critique and consumption is catastrophic. Change.
Hard to win if you’re not afforded the field. We’ll get you in the game; win. The field will then remain level by law.
Those that throw shade at 2020 (year of clarity): shame on you. This is clearly the best timeline… it’s you if it’s not.
When people stop being exactly how I imagined them to be in person, maybe, I’ll stop judging them online… maybe.
Taleb’s Intellectual yet idiot, are in fact intellectual yet naive(high-trust; moral), presently are intellectual yet immoral.
American Nationalism. Take care of your family first. Those that would steal from your grandchildren are your enemies.
Tolerance requires no agency; it’s lowly not lofty. You’ve been lied to. You either forbear or you can’t/don’t/won’t.
NEWS IN 2020: Ellen DeGeneres fat-shamed an 11-year-old boy in the 1970s. (how do you live with yourselves?)
Delusional people start sentences about manifest reality like this: “I can’t believe…” You can’t believe what’s real, we know.
If you’re not offering forgiveness why ought they? Yous can’t afford your sins. Forgiveness is your only hope for good life.
Never apologize to the mob. Do not offer an explanation. Addressing their concerns gifts them credibility, there isn’t any.
God given rights don’t exist; God given responsibilities do. Upholding God’s given responsibilities affords human rights.
Animals. Coexist, codepend, cooperate, control, command. You can’t even properly coexist with yourselves; this doesn’t end well.
You probably oughtn’t get a vote. A vote is a say in what to do. Your decisions don’t even make things better for you.
Your phone acts like the “jeep on a track” in Jurassic Park. A moving cage peering into habitats. Your water is rippling.
You affect one another; you effect one another; you infect one another. You know we already wear too many masks, right?
I agree with Nancy Pelosi. No debates. We want trials. Start with the top of the last administration (Biden included) work down.
Abundance of information atomizes us; social technology masks this process by passing us through fractionating clusters.
120 million sexually mutilated American men ought choose to solve this cultural pickle: refuse to be in the kosher sandwich.
The right and responsibility to bear arms; true inalienability. Consequence for eschewing responsibility or abusing the right.
Freedom isn’t the affordance to globe trot(travel), but hold property(territory). Parasitic cosmopolitans are stealing from you.
Preferences and opinions are not the same thing. Neither deserve to be respected outright. Nor the people that act on awful ones.
Pandemic Marketing: brag about how often you clean & disinfect. Revealing your previous sub-par(disgusting) standards. Gross.
Most politicians never deliver on their campaign promises yet you expect them to be effective in times of crisis. Fools and tools.
Anxiety and depression are accounting, accordance, and affordance problems. Prescriptions perpetuate perceptions problems.
Take all defunded police & house them in suburban & rural areas surrounding cities. City containment coordination. Militia rings.
PSA: Your preferences are garbage and your opinions don’t matter. Your elephant isn’t special nor unique and neither are you.
Getting paid for your views vs. paying for your views. No. Views oughtn’t cost anything and they oughtn’t afford collision.
2017-2018 high school graduation rates were 85% for whites… You know that 50% of people are below average, right?
Expectations are projections into the future; trying to manage their infinite array is fruitless. Objections; we can handle those.
If you sell bullshit & you market it as bullshit, you’ve made a branding error. But market bullshit as gold get rich, why?
The blue church houses a dead religion and false idols. Its followers are zombies. Aimless, head-down, and seeking brains.
If they can’t live without you how can you claim to be good? Sounds to me like you plausibly create dependents, purposely.
The simplest way to divide world factions: the globalists and China are the enemy. Don’t buy anything they’re selling; they lie.
THE ILLUSION OF DELUSION Paranoia is becoming evidenced justifiable threat detection. Sanity is masked in mass delusion.
Tolerate and its conjugations aren’t found in the Bible. Jesus was intolerant of what isn’t righteous. He spat out the lukewarm.
You don’t get rid of stereotypes by not stereotyping (or worse by punishing their use) but by not acting stereotypically. Try.
The humanity lost behind a mask is incalculable. No one is doing the issue any justice. Your authorities never demonstrate care.
How can one win & lose a war, hate those that saved them AND garner protected status among the saviors? Seems far-fetched, no?
This isn’t an echo chamber but an amplification arena. We’re all saying the same thing; just not the same way. K(no)w we’re right.
You ought be able to hunt those outside the law. Under current arbitrary rule that’d be disastrous and illegal. Your law’s broke.

(Curt Doolittle)
No More Lies. Reciprocity. Commons. Rule of Law.
The capitalism vs socialism debate is a cunning deception to circumvent rule of law.
Rule of law by the natural law of reciprocity is more important than the economic model under it.
All civilizations produce a group strategy, a mythos, rituals to perpetuate it, a means of arguing in favor of it.
Aristocratic Statesmanship (Paternalism) Republican Politics (Pragmatism) Democratic Politicking (Parasitism)
Theology (Strategy/Imagination) > Philosophy (Choice/Ideal) > Law (Reciprocity/Action) > Science (Truth/Testimony)
Courts, churches, business, streets, parks & cemeteries are equally sacred grounds; as safe as your kitchen.
The chief function of a college education is to allow people to exit the market and responsibility for outcomes.
Rule of law prevents rule by men and prohibits the corruption of communism and the criminality of capitalism.
Civicism, localism, nationalism, evolution, competition vs Religion, universalism, globalism, devolution, corruption.
The only Europeans that ever existed were the aristocracy. And we, in our vanity, thought we could replace them.
Democracy was poison. The truth is incompatible with the promise. It’s a false promise, and a contradictory one.
We must teach the common folk how to win when their natural instincts are to do everything possible to continue to lose.
We will choose our destiny by honest discourse or honest violence; but not by restraint of violence in tolerance for lies.
We have been smart for 5000 years: we’ve demanded warranty of one’s words, martial testimony “reporting” in all walks of life.
Military > Empiricism+Testimony > Duty > Investment in the commons > Status regardless of rank > ‘insurance’ regardless of rank

(Pat Ryan)
They call us racists, we call them pedocrats.
Affluent White Female Liberal Also known as AWFL
Psychometric liberal capitalism is the worst capitalism.
Being on the Right Side of History will no longer protect you.
Nobody wins because they are right. They win because they win.
Globalism maximizes the dehumanization pipeline we call progress.
Law is the binding force that brings all these domains into balance eventually.
Scientists are not moral authorities. Peer review isn’t a guardian of your rights.
Google literally SWATs people they don’t like. They hate you and they want you dead.
Neurology doesn’t do back-propagation because it is the literal opposite of energy efficiency.
I’m being hard on the lolberts because they default to using mental gymnastics to justify inaction.
You might not believe me, but Trump is the last olive branch you’re going to get. Next time, there won’t be rules.
The symbolic and objective exist in parallel by default. There is often need to merge them to the same construct: “law.”
Younger me: why did we execute, chase out, or exile intellectuals en masse throughout history? Me now: Oh. I get it now.
The Democrats just insult everyone for not consuming the information they paid to consume. Yes, they are really this stupid.
Cantor: Turns everything into Microsoft Excel. Humans: use all power to force EVERYTHING to be spreadsheet compliant.
What do you get when your mother abandons you & you’re told she should have aborted you as it’d have been easier for her.
Trade ought be the only power one holds over another; governance to limit action to trade; law removing those circumventing it.

Did the TDS Telethon last night raise enough money for a cure?
It’s time to face a hard truth: Hunter Biden is the smartest Biden.
Where does the “Trump Secret Police Hoax” rank on the hoax list?
Is freedom of speech still different from crime or have they effectively merged?
How many of you have completely lost interest in at least one sport you enjoyed until this year?
Calling white people “White Supremacists” is pure racism, similar to using the N-word. Maybe worse…
F*cking liar Joe Biden still pushing the “Fine People Hoax.” That is 100% disqualifying. Now it’s personal.
I’m planning a micro lesson on how to save your marriage after your spouse catches TDS. Anyone need that?
Historians: Objectively, is Biden the most prolific liar the Democrats have ever nominated to represent their party?

Wherever there is Animal Worship there is Human Sacrifice.
This is the age of minorities; of groups that rule rather than represent.
Children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.
Americans may go mad when they make laws; but they recover their reason when they disobey them.
The only perfect pleasure in life is the pleasure of fighting for something in which one passionately believes.
An open mind is really a mark of foolishness, like an open mouth. Mouths and minds were made to shut; open’em to shut’em.
Conservatives & progressives are in partnership. They quarrel in public as a put-up job perpetually playing into each other.

(Moritz Bierling)
Bottom down and top up.
First the eyes, then the ayes.
Watch out for Woke Supremacists.
I am a meta missionary: I convert people to their own cause.
Talking is done. Action reigns supreme. Move fast and fix things or GTFO.
I think blood and soil, for better or worse, has been replaced by coke & WiFi for far too many people.

(Luke Weinhagen)
Every man the solution.
Free Speech is being used to destroy Free Testimony.
Reciprocity puts within reach the only equality you can build high trust on: Equality of Character.

(Matthew Pirkowski)
Resentment is not a policy; its bloody soil will bear fruits that substitute essential nutrients for bitter toxins.
There exist few ideas less sustainable—or more irresponsible—than guilt by association in a hyper-connected world.

(Jonathan Pageau)
I hope you are ready for the Matrix 4 to be pro Matrix while still pretending to be about a resistance.

(Roger Walrus)
If we dismantle all this parasitic diversity infrastructure a lot of people would leave.

(James Krieger)
Thus the libertarian corpus reproduces talmudism in economic prose.

(Melissa Chen)
Time to adhere to a policy of reciprocity

PAT RYAN (Pat Ryan)
[Pat’s the most dangerous man on the internet; his series on the Dark Stoa is excellent and worth investing the time]
Trauma is essential to the brain.
Words were never designed to convey intent.
They aren’t homeless. They are protesting income tax.
You are unable to prove AIs aren’t behind all mass protests.
Right Side of History is always Right Side of Corporate Profits
I’m not blocking bad faith people. I’m practicing social distancing.
Jeffrey Epstein held the highest stake in the BlackmailCoin network.
Information may want to be free, but law wants it to be harmonious.
Subhumans clamoring for honey instead of vinegar are still subhumans.
“I’M SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER” Speak truth to yourself first, shitbag.
Have we tried calling everyone we know racist yet? Maybe that will help.
Brevity is not only the soul of wit, it is the only way to transfer useful data.
AI Warfare will prove that morality needs to be a treated like Schedule 1 drug.
Dear white people, You can stop your creepy-tier forced politeness at any time.
Now that illegals are returning to Cartexico in droves…. NOW COMES THE ROBOTS.
You know contact tracers are going to be deployed to interfere with you voting, right?
The things we create lets us filter nature, but what we filter from nature then filters us.
Would gradual isolation strategies work on a person who thinks solitary confinement is paradise?
Hope you are all familiar with Butterfly War, because you’re all about to become collateral damage.
Did you know Obama was extremely skilled at woodworking and fencing? Google Obamagate to find out more.
So many Antifa leaders were disappeared this weekend, I could walk unmolested through DC proper today.
When is the low IQ woke squad coming to shut down Planned Parenthood for having a turbo racist founder?
Want to understand the limits of science, ask: “What -ISN’T- racist?” You will never get an answer that makes sense.
They warned us about murder Hornets, but we’ve responded with Chainsaw Mexicans so I’d say we’re about even.
If ceasing revenue from income taxes is the only way to fight Covid, would this tactic also work against global warming?
If the only opposition to your morally pure ideology is an endless stream of conspiracy theories, that’s a conspiracy theory.
Antifa started Minnesota looting and passed off the entire blame on to local blacks. That’s what being a “good ally” means.
Thing is, humans are humans & we have independently across time & space concluded that we will get to child sacrifice.
JAMES SANTAGATA (James Santagata)
[James is a cunning psycological underminer; it’s worth understand those who understand how to get under your skin and influence your thoughts and actions… there are many; James’ll help you spot them]
Don’t run from controversy – seek it out.
Hunger Games soon to be a live action game.
I’ve got good news and bad news. We ain’t seen nothing yet.
May I share a dark secret? I’m an Autistic RomCom movie goer.
Cancel Culture will be ended by Killer Culture. Gonna get messy.
Stranger: “Stay home, you owe us.” Me: “My body, my choice.”
“Morality” prevents most trigger pulls. Catalysts understand this.
The surest way to stop your nightmares is to become someone else’s.
It’s hard to experience PTSD when you’re busy giving it to someone else.
One person’s “intolerance” is another person’s honesty and authenticity.
Sometimes your mistakes are the lessons that others study and learn from.
American jumped the shark long ago. Legalizing drugs and criminalizing work.
Game Theory is only the starting point. Gaming, Game Theory is the objective.
Can’t wait for the Left to tear down the “White Supremacist” Statue of Liberty.
Muscular Entrepreneurialism and Muscular Entrepreneurs are the Modern Day Knights.
Spoken German is verbal Beethoven. Sounds beautiful but unfolds very slowly and methodically.
America 1776: e pluribus unum America 2020: e cannabis lootum America 2021: e bellica shootum
What’s a lock down? Noun: The confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control (after a riot).
Advanced Psychological Technology looks like magic to the cognitively dense appearing a scam to the morally depraved.
When Morality is Mathematical rather than Metaphysical you begin to understand what is possible agentially & ecologically.

[Creator of Dilbert; possibly the most accurate political commentator living. Documents all his predictions. Writes extremely helpful books.]
China killed George Floyd as much as the police.
Some celebrities are paying to bail out protesters.
Calling Trump supporters white supremacists is a hate crime.
Did you realize that the worst way to get the news is the news.
Red Pills are falling like hail this week. The old reality is fading.
Is Victim Privilege a thing yet, or are we still pretending it isn’t?
India, Russia, and the United States are natural allies against China.
Looks like another day of lying to each other about everything important.
You might be missing the big story here. China just influenced our elections.
The ridiculousness of blaming this on white nationalists is almost laughable.
Don’t trust any American politician with a good haircut during the lockdown.
Protesting on the streets for racial equality has been proven to be ineffective.
Time for offense. It’s Time to Stop Using an Obama Afghanistan Strategy Against a Virus.
Who’s watching the big game in Tulsa tonight? I’m glad we found a substitute for sports.
Looks like another day looking in all the wrong places for the problems and the solutions.
It feels like conservatives are eating popcorn and watching the left destroy their own stuff.
Black America gave back ten years of gains this weekend. I think that was the opposite of the plan.
Antifa and BLM are learning the same thing ISIS learned, that capturing territory is easier than holding it.
The biggest difference in life outcomes is strategy. The smallest is skin color. Which makes headlines today?
If FDA guidelines would almost certainly cause harm to a patient, is a doctor ethically obligated to ignore the FDA?
What is the right amount of time to wait for an example of systemic racism before discarding it as an illusion?
Is it my imagination or is Great Britain running a Russia intelligence operation against Trump for the second time?
Teen accidentally discovers a powerful form of persuasion called “reciprocity,” thus guaranteeing him a good life.
Democratic party: publicly & loudly supporting a domestic terror organization. Not positioned for the 2020 election.
Obvious racism in Hollywood; I refuse to watch any movies that involve white actors or directors. It encourages them.
Jordan Hall
[Jordan is a regular occurrence here and adept at extracting the essence of any given situation. His Deep Code (including Deep Code Bits) and Civium projects are incredibly salient as well as his work on the Blue-Church.]
It feeds on outrage.
It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when and how painful.
Minimum compliance to stupid rules is a good idea right now.
Compulsory schooling is an absolute non-sense; compulsory life, well, it turns out that’s just the way it is.
We the people may actually have to start taking matters into our own hands and presenting the right ideas.
Introverts, now is your time. Facetime (or Zoom if you prefer) an extrovert friend who is quarantined alone.
The right choice right now is to stop being passive, that’s hurting everybody. The days of malevolence are over.
It’s not stretching the truth to say that all of our social institutions are a bad combination of corrupt and obsolete.
We are obligate tribal: our reality as humans is in groups that are coherent, that’s when we begin to feel most fully real.
Daniel Schmachtenberger
[Daniel has objectively too long a last name; I suggest checking out the work he’s done on “The War on Sense-Making” and his most recent website.]
Micro-rivalry leads to macro-symbiosis.
States becoming more relevant is a very good idea.
In a place where you are questioning meaningfulness you can bring it.
Sometimes the only way to figure out what the externalities are is to experiment.
The US either needs heroic work to be restored/recreated…or it will fully fail soon.
The rationalist and EA communities ought use words like, sacred and devotion, more.
How do we make a civilization that is anti-fragile with decentralized exponential technology?
Someone doesn’t have to have sloppy metaphysics to be able to understand phenomenology.
Sometimes you gotta put a head on a spike in the yard to keep everyone else from being assh*les.
They’re all on benzos and opiates and porn and Facebook so they’re too weakened and addicted to do anything.
[Eric is one half of the Weinstein brothers duo(
Bret Weinstein
being the other). Management at Thiel Capital, Academic renegade, thinks against the grain.]
It can not be Trump vs Biden.
This was gonna come no matter what.
It is too trivially easy to destroy individuals.
Grown-ups have bought into magical thinking.
It’s been too easy to pick off the initial adopters.
The great negative externality is potential violence.
Listen carefully: you don’t have to elect Biden or Trump.
Real knowledge has become too dangerous to transmit.
Every peaceful demonstration is a demonstration of potential violence.
People treat me like I’m crazy for caring about the world after I’m dead.
It all begins with the middle finger; the administration has to seek other work!
People are cowards at the moment because if they’re not, they’re unemployed.
Go break the law; go break the law in a way that inspires us not to want to prosecute you.
We are now living the unthinkable because we couldn’t discuss the unsayable in real time.
Universal institutional betrayal: the schools, hospitals, drug companies, our food, our journalists are bad.
We are blind to the effect that somatic pleasure & status pleasure is crowding out fulfillment in our lives.
You incinerate peoples viability, it’s economic warfare: if your reputation is damaged you can’t be trusted.
We are completely confused as to how perilous the present moment is because our luck has been amazing.
We need to get into the institutions and remove the weak leadership. They need to seat people more dangerous.
We do business where we can’t measure and almost everything it produces is negative externality so it has to be disguised.

I care that you can think much more than what you think. If you can think, you can calculate and the only differences in our actions will be dictated by preference(in the case of pursuit) and law(in the case of punishment).
To many of you have been taught what to think AND how to act based on that very thinking… unlearn that. Learn how to think; if you can’t form your own thoughts find someone who can to help you. The chances those steering your decisions have your best interests in mind are slim.
Last thing; the quotes… they aren’t false.
P comes before Q
There’s a 3rd way.
Tone oughtn’t matter.
Leadership divided isn’t.
The world JUST got real.
Big brothers or Big brother?
They boil the frogs too fast.
Who’s gonna walk their talk?
Economics is a moral discipline.
Decide and act more frequently.
Those who lie always shift liability.
Money can’t pay for what is owed.
It’d be a lot simpler if you didn’t lie.
Moral philosophers are anything but.
Why Kings; they pay with their heads.
Going back to normal is nonessential.
Unity around utility is a beautiful thing.
Your rules and protocol are failing you.
You’re not going to think your way out.
Corona Virus: The real “cancel culture”.
They’re all playing right into our hands.
Why Kings; better subjects than objects.
Got it: you don’t like your own company.
The only reasonable takes are hot takes.
Seeking happiness is a haphazard strategy.
Bring your guns but keep your masks at home.
Think: how do we reduce asset price inflation?
All those protesting received a public education.
Proper timing separates knowhow from wisdom.
The problem with “Game A” is that it’s one game.
Choose to change your operating methodologies.
The best thing you can do is teach people to play.
If our rule of law were fair; nobody would be in fear.
You see problems where you ought see possibilities.
Reciprocity is a moral rule that bears no exception(s).
It’s a huge mistake to think this isn’t the best timeline.
It’s time for people that act in the clutch; it’s the clutch.
The speed of collapse is faster than being anticipated for.
Black Americans are at the most risk whilst in the womb.
For all those with any agency the cage doors just opened.
Dragging your feet? You might as well be dragging bodies.
Trust is the metric you ought be seeking to maximize here.
Just listen to your elected officials; that’ll do pig, that’ll do.
What’s coming won’t be measured but it will be calculated.
You do understand that no one cares how you feel… right?
“It’s HIS will” (and all variations) IS admittance of addiction.
There are many things that need be done regardless of cost.
Big brother. or Brothers in arms? I thought this was America.
Practice adversarialism: Try being encouragingly antagonistic.
What happens to victims when the world is devoid of heroes?
Stop exporting expertise; you can import it. It’s 2020 you know.
Without my job I can’t afford to live… sounds like slavery to me.
Proper market to equlibrate: Step-up; Step-aside; or Stepped on.
Not defending monuments is a monumental failure of the militia.
We ought to depend on one another more and use each other less.
Exhausting forgiveness is not the same as forgiving until exhausted.
You’re going to have to explain how it is you didn’t see this coming…
Why’s it people always want straight answers to crooked questions?
You do understand that once everything is racist then nothing is, yes?
When this thing is over; and we win. I’m going to shake all your hands.
Free trade isn’t free; it costs freedom. It frees trade and creates slaves.
Y’all know the name George Floyd but not the name Duncan Lemp. Why?
Imagine thinking that voting was going to release us from this nightmare.
You all had your chance for honesty; that ship has sailed. Truth rules now.
I was described by someone close to me as progressive. Thing is; I’m right.
They’ve divided you by affording you the opportunity to divide yourselves.
Critique is fancy lying; critics are frauds. Don’t ask questions; seek answers.
Democracy dies in “blah blah blah.” No, democracy dies. It does so by suicide.
Let 1000 Nations Bloom… “Bloom” (like a flower) NOT “boom”! Pay attention.
We practically get along under terrible conditions. We’re offering better ones.
Guess what happens when inaction is built into the processes of your systems.
This is the American experiment; we desperately need to alter the parameters.
Go home. None of us get enough sleep. And people sleep easier around family.
I figured it out; this is what it’s like when the victim card doesn’t work anymore.
They can’t even walk the walk when they’re commanded to sit down and stay put.
You’re no good to us (nor yourself, nor your loved ones) if you can be preyed upon.
Lying about racism is a much larger problem in scope and severity than racism itself.
It’s natural to feel like a victim; hell, you may even be one. Acting like one is the error.
Being mean is incredibly effective if honest and you follow it up with being nice twice.
Call your state Representatives or Governor; I bet they can do something to help you…
We’ve spent so long practicing deescalation we don’t know what escalation looks like.
You don’t have a case: “I’d like to lie, cheat, steal and kill as it suits me,” isn’t going to fly.
So, now that Joe Biden has the endorsement of a warlord… are we gonna other him now?
Know what a great April Fools joke would be? Pretending we’re all going to pay our bills…
Not many generations get handed a reset button… That “easy button” shit doesn’t count.
We’ll never undermine your agency or your interpersonal relationships with those you love.
Social media is a problem in the way a hammer is a problem if you’re striking children with it.
P is pro-actively reactive at the nodal level so reaction at the group level becomes diminished.
The solution is a very simple contract between sovereigns. (oh, that’s Kings <and a compliment)
They only allow you the privilege of victim-hood… and that’s gonna go away. Pick a better team.
Consumerism driven parasitism is an infection. Short course of a rough treatment. Then it’s over.
In hindsight they lacked the foresight. Keep asking the people that got you into this to get you out.
You want a universal humanist position? You can have ours; we however, will not suffer any of yours.
Imagine thinking our global economies would be in good shape had this pandemic not taken place…
If your threat detectors were functioning so astutely how do you find yourself surrounded by threat?
You are a mind/body; it’s one thing. Your first sense is spatial awareness. Don’t separate from being.
The global system was negligent in being a parent. We’d have taken their children by force. Grow-up.
This is a law problem. A constitution problem. Because it’s an affront to our constitution. War is here.
Libertarianism maintains the Marxist prohibition on common property as communism does on private.
It’s because money means more to you than anything else. You can say what you like; you act this way.
Last summer I described this chaos(clusterf*ck) as morally imperative to repair, it’s only more so now.
The left always objects for the same reason; the “objectionable” example is devastating to their case.
Words written and/or uttered ought put constraints on response ability in the direction of responsibility.
Evil appears most obviously as performative contradiction. (this is when your action betrays your words)
We’re letting the only home-grown terrorists we have destroy our history… AND they’re technically girls!
Y’all squabble about the past; meanwhile the technology exists to shape the future. Wasting time is a sin.
Note: Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America have all sided with terrorists… pulling your patronage is wise.
You impossibly under-estimate the power of a first follower; humans can not only acquire them but be them.
We are blind to the effect that somatic pleasure & status pleasure is crowding out fulfillment in our lives.
We’re making a new team; a reciprocal one; one where those who oppose us actually are the “bad guys.”
The one time you’re among the victims; silence. Maybe you don’t know what being wronged feels like yet?
They are trying to save the currency system instead of saving our lives. Once you see it you can’t unsee it.
Ever play a chess game where each of your pieces also plays 4D chess? Maybe you don’t know what to do?
This is a militia problem; a neighboring-up issue. Military is for
bases and borders. You all fell short of the mark.
The internet never forgets; so it must forgive. Sacrificing people
at the alter of digital virtue is sin. It’s untenable.
Economic growth is a danger to our future; we need to re-till our
landscapes for agency. People over profits.
Reciprocity: making sure Americans aren’t left behind.
Parasitism: making sure the system & institutions survive.
Remember when Americans used to innovate? You know for more than just… enhancing the filters on selfies.
We’ve extended childhood indefinitely and removed innocence completely. Just go about your day; it’ll be fine.
These aren’t the most uncertain times, but the most certain. Uncertainty in thought leads to predictable action.
As a “mental health professional”: relieving the underlying tension of the globe right now is the move; Just Ask.
A Corona Baby Boom is inevitable! Oughtn’t we prepare the world for them? Are the current systems suitable?
The only words that have power are the ones believed to be true. With no lies all words are good and powerful.
One human life is worth more than any system or institution. They’ve already accrued debt they can’t pay back.
It doesn’t matter that the truth is expensive. We can just make the lies equally or more so. Then truth is cost effective.
How much of a victim can you be when the greatest trauma you’ve faced wasn’t even your own? Asking for a friend…
Credit Card companies; now’s a hell of a time to start deferring interest, Yes? Late to the party; don’t you have PR?
Politics undermined our legal system. Economics has hijacked our nervous systems. War has been foreign. Weak.
Unwise of the unjust to scream for justice. Our justice won’t suit you. Silence, however, may bring forgiveness.
Decreasing power distance decreases punishment response time increasing behavioral modification effectiveness.
The world is a poorly put together set of doggie daycare centers; demonstrably! Properly distribute the packs by kind.
So, let me get this straight; you want to stop the virus to go back to the actives that allowed a virus like this to spread?
The feminine ethic has no place in masculine realms; balance is achieved through interplay NOT integration.
Are perpetually accidentally antagonistic people aggravating enough yet? Terrible games produce terrible prizes.
After 9/11 we failed at re-establishing our nation. We failed again in 2008. Are you willing to say we failed in 2020?
P.S. Most are popularity seekers not problem solvers. Preaching on problems for popularity. Seldom do solutions surface.
Rites of passage changed people. Yet present humans say people don’t change. Maybe they’re not oppressed but unfit.
Imagine sitting at home in quarantine thinking; “no worries, the government and the banks got this, what’s on netflix?”
You will get no solutions nor assistance from the right(GOP) nor the left(DNC); and you’re fighting over which to choose.
Steal your time back: We can’t give back what’s passed; but we can free-up what you’ve been tricked to promise. They lied.
Everyone’s thinking about saving their jobs and not saving you. They can only see the future within the rules of the game.
All the “big heads” are wrong. Obviously, they got you here. They aren’t fit to get you out. You have neighbors for that.
Secure a bag for adults & half-bags for the children; Monthly. Use Credit Card infrastructure to distribute liquidity; no cheats.
If you garner your news & narrative world view from the television or radio you won’t get a say moving forward. Wisen
The medium of authority is trust; who do you spend it on? Are you receiving returns? Recognize, re-evaluate, re-order!
Worried about your safety at the expense of your grandchildren’s. What kind of parent does that make you? (not a grand one)
Natural Law prevents retaliation cycles and cumulative potential violence. Reciprocity is as real a law as those in physics.
Today I was called blasphemous; non-sense! ? Sorry we’re not sorry: our John, James, Noah and Luke are superior to yours.
Marketing isn’t about procuring customers (consumption); but about liberating agents (production). The people need tools.
Chastising those for their choice making whilst simultaneously eliminating their alternative action vectors is dastardly.
The poor were a problem for the church; oughtn’t they still be? The production arena ought deal only with the producers.
JFK was killed for saying “do something for your country”; and at the time… he was begging. You think it’s gotten better?
They ignored Chesterton’s fence by building paths circumventing the fences and making the case it’s not defense’s destruction.
Solution: revolution via reformation & constitution under threat of escalation & retaliation; it’s like that made explicit or not.
There ought lie liability for stifling sense-making. Twitter & Facebook ought to lift bans. “Community Standards,” are a joke.
It’s not doctors, nurses, teachers, & police; it’s doctoring, nursing, teaching & policing as such. (the actions; not the actors)
Hostility towards an optimal solution denotes preference not to try. How’s not trying working out for you; for everyone else?
Are you making a case for those who have exploited and abused you? Those who have stolen your time and livelihood? Why?
You know: for boys with ADHD sitting in class feels to them as this crisis feels to you. (stop drugging them; fix the landscape)
Speciation is not specialization. It’s a new set of generalizations. Creating robust and resilient agents valued by their groups.
My favorite word is the one the person I’m talking to hates most. If words hurt you; you have problems; I require disassociation.
Sovereignty, reciprocity, and tort affords for the largest degree of individualism without undermining cooperative landscapes.
The responsibilities of building a new world are great; but the suffering of the continuance of the old world are much greater.
Libel, Slander, and Doxxing… this is violence from the authoritarian left. Not defending those targeted means you’re complacent.
Not discussing certain topics/concepts because you oppose them isn’t courage but cowardice. Either you have a case you don’t.
Let’s keep playing games where all the players lie, cheat, steal, and kill whilst all those who depend on the players suffer. USA!
Every person we lose, We lose a book that was never written. Full of knowledge & wisdom that would have helped someone.
Don’t leave anything to chance(gamble) we have a choice(risk). The calculation is easily done; if not suffering from delusion.
Exists 1000s of Laws. Many you’ve broken. Any combinatorics of your meta-data proves it. We have one Law. You have a choice.
If you’re blaming or attempting to better anyone, other than yourself, during this meta-crisis; you’re doing something wrong.
There is no plan; you’re not the first mover; you don’t get to decide where you are. But there is proper action & reaction. OODA
Removal and defacing of monuments are acts of conquest. There’s already a war on American soil distracting us from WW3.
We’re in civil conflict with one another; we’re smart enough to separate, our divorce rates prove that. Let’s make it optimal.
Feminine coercive strategies: Marxism, socialism, postmodernism, feminism, & denialism; undermining truth, trade, and order.
Everyone knows that money is the problem. “Follow the money”; “They’re just in it for the money”… but so are you, demonstrably.
Step up or step aside! No time for internet games. Truth over Face(book). The amount of ego stroking people need is nauseating.
There are still “wellness professionals” charging for their services right now. Shows how much they know about care, don’t it?
Escalation not deescalation. You deescalate to skirt conflict. However, we are already in conflict & escalation leads to resolve.
The only country you can talk openly about revolution; & you fools want to talk about the characters. Golden age or Dark age Pick.
Nothing is lost; no one’s begun to fight. There’re no reactionary agents; but an eventual reaction. It ought be calculated proper.
What’s the cost of your anonymity(personal safety) & social absence(reprieve from the herd) to those who’d fight by your side?
The left is literally terrorist adjacent. It’s an objective reality; a demonstrated fact. Their rules say they ought be othered.
Everyone’s worried about that pesky overton window. Forget that god-damned window; the front door is open! You have a choice.
Cull legislation back decades; instantiate rule OF law (as opposed to arbitrary rule by fiat and rule by lawyers/judges). One law.
Your whole life: go to work, go to work, go to work. Complaints. You’re told to stay home. “This is unbearable.” Maybe it’s you?
Insane asylums are superior to prison for the mentally deranged. Understand those with TDS would occupy these corrective houses.
Everyone’s looking for a fight; demonstrated by the war waged against themselves. Those wars need to end before any others begin.
Exceptions are not exceptional. Ordinary men are made exceptional by becoming extraordinary. We need common men again.
Banks & lenders are “making it convenient” for you to keep paying them. Try, ending late fees, and pushing payments out a month.
The options are chance or choice. The former doesn’t require nor make anything of you. The latter; everything and something.
Our enemies speak for the disenfranchised. We just speak to them. We, those who actually produce everything, have a better offer.
No king worth anything would believe yous worthy to subject you to being subjects. Maybe people ought try being worthy of rule.
Remember when the Government wasted time and didn’t close borders? Hard choices must be made constantly or this gets much worse.
Remember that time BLM took the mic from Bernie Sanders & then the DNC cheated him out of a nomination? Imagine backing the DNC.
How many tactical errors does the enemy have to make before you grasp their incompetence? Constantly doubling down; err, err, err


Pace has picked up; so messages must be clearer; the virus has sped up the clock; it’s time to produce… catch-up and dive in.
11/19/2019} [Had to “break” the link so it didn’t have me sharing the old set of quotes close the gap to use it]
Note round one was two years of quotes; this next batch was produced since round #1… 4 months to the day; 1/8 of the time. I did say pace! ?
(Brandon Hayes)
Embrace the speciation.
Life ought be a risk not a gamble.
Money is abundant. Time is scarce.
Neurotypicals are relative primitives.
Intention deficit not attention deficit.
P is a new “cultural cognitive grammar.”
Never look for approval; Seek recognition.
P is the solution for the information ecology.
Pay attention; it pays back with interest. {2017}
Decreasing the power distance frees all the slaves.
I think by 2020 we’ll all be able to see clearly. {2016}
Incentivize animalistic behavior; be delivered animals.
We don’t do hatred; but our love is not unconditional.
The left believes words are weapons; P makes them so.
True jesters don’t use their masks to hide, but to reveal.
Forget independent thinking; get to correspondent first.
More information won’t help; being better informed will.
I love people; I hate what we allow the world to do to them.
Don’t confuse ‘not normal’ with ‘novel’. This is a horrific error.
Never settle for what was considered normal; never, ever again.
The Propertarians are the only group that takes trinities seriously.
The herd wants not for you to succeed; it cares only you conform.
A gang or a train: you’re getting screwed, but, you get to choose how.
Those truth seeking; expose liars. Be curt; do little. They out themselves.
Forget ‘making memories’; you can’t take them with you. Leave Legacies.
Kings create kings; how they do so isn’t important. That they do so well is.
It’s called an “active shooter drill” because it’s a drill for the active shooter.
Once we forgive we ought cease to forbear. It’s unwise to rush the process.
Command, cooperation, and coordination in times of chaos. Fascist is fastest.
Maddening: most murder messengers; meanwhile misunderstanding meaning.
Truth before Face(book). Truth-tell don’t self-sell. You’re only fooling yourself.
Viruses don’t coordinate nor cooperate. Don’t forget what sets humans apart!
Not knowing where you’re going is still “lost,” you know? Mind your time frames.
How’s all that time you spent “bettering yourself” working out? Cost you didn’t it?
Systems and institutions have incentive to remain; ask yourself which ones ought.
Virtue-signalling and counter-signalling the meta-crisis; is noise that ought be stifled.
Look, at some point it’s gonna be on you if you don’t understand; we forbear for now.
The meta-crisis is the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen to properly balkanize.
All those lives ruled and ruined by the financial realm; you know we can de-financialize, right?
What happens to bread and circuses when the clowns don’t show and there’s lines for bread?
Taking violence off the table is the surest way to cloud your judgement. And you MUST judge.
It’s impossible not to judge; those that purport you ought not don’t have your success in mind.
Who loses and who gains by nationalizing visa and mastercard? Better than UBI by check isn’t it?
We can create a world that systematically improves group averages along meaningful dimensions.
The problem is you all believe you’re playing word games; when actually you’re playing war games.
Whatever your social media habits; you ought to up the “share” function usage significantly. 10x it.
Facebook newsfeed still has ads. Why aren’t they suspending paid ads in place of helpful knowhow?
Perception traps will leave your mind blind. Frames are to hold lenses; yet you were born with eyes.
This virus is the variable that broke old sense-making. No combination of popular narratives suffice.
The red-pill is a lot less jagged; much easier to swallow currently. Who’s filling prescriptions for hope?
Imagine thinking the institutional and systematic tools we used to get us into this mess will get us out.
Due to current advancements: Minding your Ps and Qs has new meaning. Realizing relevance required.
Morals and ethics are solved with reciprocal calculation. No, it isn’t hard. You just prefer to lie and steal.
If there was ever a time to prioritize organic feedback in the abstract space; now is that time. No distortions in information.
We can drive this together; but recognize you go nowhere safely without a good frame. Copilots welcome; backseat drivers are not.
Will parents, now struggling to “entertain” their children, begin to realize public school is state sponsored baby-sitting?
What ought to be the popular opinion: This virus has the chance(it ought) to save everyone it doesn’t kill. Separate; Speciate
The single argument against reciprocity: “I’d like to lie, cheat, steal, and kill as it suits me,” it oughtn’t suit anyone.
Reciprocal: “Familism”: Maximum Intergenerational Production. Parasitic: “Individualism”: Maximum Generational Consumption.
A cult(ure) of reciprocity, sovereignty, truth, beauty, duty, excellence, heroism, and markets in all things; it’s not an insult.
Power and preference pool predictably; combine this with an allergy for setting limits; what ought you expect?
How many Boomers that “never missed a day of work in their life,” are missing work? How’s all that “hustle” treating you?
The law of cooperation can lead parasites of the human variety to symbiosis; we’re behind, you ought start shepherding.
My preference isn’t to lead; it’s to lead others to lead themselves. Time is currency; authority is a cost that irks me to incur.
All truths are promises; all lies broken promises. Existence is this serious. We can’t afford the lying any longer.
It’s not just my opinion; framing it as such is admittance you merely speak yours. You project your inadequacies in explanation.
Few first responders to begin with. Peace keepers are second up. They are at high risk for infection. They run out; then what?
As we slash our norms, haphazardly, like Walmart slashes prices, we witness Walmart quality behaviors and individuals emerge.
Everyone pursues money because it’s a proxy for autonomy. It oughtn’t be; the agents chip away at the agentic landscape.
The saddest part of the present zeitgeist(trends) is most will scoff at the hero they need(or need to be) and never be saved.
Multiculturalism is compromis(ed)ing culture. Cultures must be built around something NOT all things. You ask a task impossible.
If we could each make the necessary “black swans” personal; we could stave off those that are bound to be societal.
We suffer more due to undomestication than incivility. Animal behavior isn’t uncivil; for it was never civil to begin with.
It takes the three other archetypes to keep the Devouring Mother at bay. The opening of Pandora’s Box has never been so real.
P is an intellectual disinfectant; make Truth claim; hold the limits of the discourse; liars emerge. The P pied piper method.
Living in nature is superior to living in human nature. Living in nature is an option; are you saying changing human nature isn’t?
Those with timelines that aren’t public; make “public”, posts about this meta-crisis. [Select the little world looking icon]
When community standards undermine the community’s ability to communicate the standards are broken. Ah, duh.
(Curt Doolittle)
Everything is dependent upon electricity.
Hit pieces would be illegal under P-Law.
Efficiency in the aesthetic is a dirty word.
‘Legitimacy’ like ‘Social Justice’ is a nonsense word.
The guild system is superior to the academic system.
Big Lies: Marxist, Postmodern, Feminist, HBD-Denial
It takes at least three markets to produce an equilibrium.
Beyond reciprocity there is no moral question – only war.
Abrahamism: in-group retention and out-group predation.
Largely it’s just that we tell the truth – and no one else does.
Success is dependent almost entirely on conscientiousness.
Eugenics was the MOST moral movement in human history.
It is easier to educate you than to excessively dumb it down.
Always ask who is stealing what and that tells you the answer.
Cities are a behavioral sink. So are school systems. So is the
Some of us feel anxiety, depression, or pain if we are not learning.
Theology to escape choice, philosophy to choose, science to decide.
All government demonstrations of force, are expressions of weakness.
I want to end philosophy, the way empiricism ended supernaturalism.
Now we get to see the consequences of the so called ‘services’ economy.
Truth can only be produced via-negativa, and choice only by via positiva.
Race is just a convenient low resolution proxy that obscures the problem.
We (want to) criminalize disinformation, misinformation, and manipulation.
Pay government employees by capital generation not income consumption.
Good and evil were invented in the middle east to facilitate cultural warfare.
Your body, your children; my capital, my polity. That’s the deal. No More Lies
Our strategy amounts to paying off the middle to destroy the top and bottom.
End universal enfranchisement and we end the problem. That’s not hard to do.
“We need 1T in stimulus to survive this quickly.” Um. Yeah. Pay down mortgages.
I would like to see a constitution for christianity. Because I bet it can’t be written.
It’s Propertarianism, Sovereigntarianism, or The Natural Law of the European People.
Language is the system of measurement we use for thinking and speaking about the world.
They don’t believe that we aren’t being evil; the same way we can’t believe they’re that stupid.
Our only problem is rates of reproduction of our classes reversing our many centuries of eugenics.
The only thing that melts in the American pot is rule of law, trust, the commons, and the civil society.
European religion used chaos and mischief vs order, and our gods were ‘real people’ with real frailties.
Attention, kindness, compliment, and humor are the cheapest means of contributing to the commons.
Man is amoral, not moral. Morality is just advantageous because we’re superpredators – and dangerous.
Removal of parasitism affords high-trust which affords adaptive velocity. We are not first we are fastest.
We’ve spent 1000s of years outlawing anti-social male behavior; this century let’s outlaw anti-social female behavior.
Judges love to apply law beyond its original intent and judges love to not constrain the law to its original
Abrhamism infecting the sciences; Eric Weinstein points this out stating; ‘we can’t even have intelligent conversations’.
Abrahamism is showing up in the sciences because you’re no longer able to have masculine competitive conversation.
Creative, innovative, high agency, high risk takers are not suitable for the top universities & the ‘academic grind’.
What we ‘ought’ to do is anything we CAN organize voluntarily TO DO that which is not false or irreciprocal.
If I wrote about art, fashion, relationships, & sex instead of this serious sh-t I’d be happier, & way more popular.
The state deprived us of the user of courts in matters public; we had to invent class action to circumvent that deprivation.
All government action is limited to coercion, either by informing/lying, bribery/deprivation, or force/defense.
P gives us a language at human scale, in human time frames, for human purposes, of achieving godhood ourselves.
Discipline is necessary; Education is good. Training is better. Mentoring is better. Experience is best. Winning is best of all.
Despite pseudoscientific attempts to obscure it, sex differences in bias, cognition, intelligence, were settled by 2012.
Land use and exploitation is a far bigger issue than climate change for species extinction and ecosystem health.
High IQs are more successful at defending the polity and economy from ignorance, error, bais, wishful thinking, & deceit.
The value of our side’s understanding is far less than the harm of the other side’s preparation in advance.
We use P-methodology to create a universally commensurable, value neutral, language across all disciplines.
Spartan Milita, Athenian Thought, Roman Administration, German Engineering, American Entrepreneurship, Italian Art, Slavic Family.
This is the only way to be sure. King of the Hill, Markets for Commons, Markets for Consumption, Competition in Courts, Falsification in Science: Trial & Error.
Think of the postmodern-feminist program as ‘re-wilding’ of humanity, and our constitution as re-socialization and re-militarization so that we restore the civil society, and the excellences that emerge from a homogenous polity.
(Pat Ryan)
Humanism is the heroin of morality.
I just don’t make shit up and reeeee about it for lulz.
Oh, Planned Parenthood… your time will come soon.
The bread is sawdust and the circus has too much botox.
What -IS- a cult? What -IS- a cult state? What -IS- an autocult?
Belief is a technique that is used to make sure we aren’t goldfish.
4chan + virtue signal spoofing + CRISPR = eugenics via shitposting
Moral certitude is synthetic violence. Actual violence is resolution.
There wasn’t a Sexual Revolution in the 1960s. You were conquered.
Social media bans contribute to the spread of Corona Virus. (COVID-19)
When I sense any of “Team Right Side Of History’s” playbook, it’s auto-war for me.
All you have to do is abandon your moral certitude. That’s it. Everything will be fine.
Why don’t lab mice rise up from mazes? The freedom beyond the maze terrifies them.
There is no way to separate information from compression. Oh gods, what have I done.
If you don’t put a cork in middle-class white women and soon, y’all gonna have a bad time!
Nearly every single social woe we have stems from the prohibition against organic violence.
A bunch of single children, jealous other children might exist. Explains their abortion worship.
Your genes might have a future! We just shouldn’t automatically assume they should have a future.
When they & their families are deprived of assets, I will be able to share my story. Until then, almost everything is noise.
Turning a nation from farmers to rocket engineers in a single generation has resulted in psychological side effects.
Watch the overeducated flail: Ask programmers why biological signal systems don’t rely on mutual exclusion or deadlocks.
Why aren’t we in space yet!?” Cause every new generation falls prey to sociopsychological traps about equality and fairness.
In all matters of human power dynamics, causality trends towards a specific type of absurdity that can be retroactively justified.
Modern Western psychology have never identified a disorder or disease that inhibits epistemological belief.
“Karen” is going to take over society. And when she asks for the manager, she will be presented with a mirror.
I’m showing what happens when you court insanity in the name of altruism. May all involved burn.
If wasn’t for the overt and complete takeover if the DNC by the CIA, Yang and Tulsi would be fine.
Notice all wars are waged to ‘liberate’ someone not ‘conserve’ their way of life; this is to appease Boomer moral boners
People say love conquers all, but I’ve found love leads to confusion while vengeance leads to conclusions.
When the journalists involved finally fold and beg for mercy by saying, “We were just following orders!”, reply with, “So am I.”
Everything you hate in this world was popularized by marketers appealing to middle class white women. Prove me wrong.
(By: Bill Joslin)
What do you want; a golden age or a dark age?
Peer Review: an idiot test that became an idiot defense.
Marketing agencies are factories for ‘standard non-features’
“Don’t raise your children; raise your grandchildren’s parents. {2016}
Don’t get wrapped up in competition; contribution will find you your proper place.
If there isn’t a strict hierarchy within a social animal grouping all the animals are anxious.
Semetic languages – hieroglyphic (ambiguous symbolic) European – alphabetic (recursive disambiguation)
Training situational awareness is a short-cut to the higher level benefits of meditation without the mysticism.
(By: Alain Dwight)
“Kleptocracy is profitable up until the point of failure.
We’re the new founding fathers but not just America this time.. this time it’s the entire western world.
It’s a good litmus test for social institutions. Are commons used to hamstring the people or facilitate agency.
(By: James Santagata)
Stop being so cynical. Just light a prayer candle, and vote harder!
First Principles: Explaining is not Complaining. That’s a projection.
Is reincarnation real and how do you know? Well your kids are you. Yes it’s real.
Retaliation, Revenge, Reparations, and Rewards are all simply forms of Reciprocity.
Media: “Stop calling it the China Corona virus!” Me: “Well it’s certainly not the Amish Flu.
The Dead are not very good debaters yet ironically, they are very effective persuaders.
Remember when you thought Anthrax and Ebola were scary? How I pine for the good ole days.
Hi, I’m Pat Ryan, Though you may think otherwise, your genes don’t have a future. This is my Master Class.
(By: Luke Weinhagen)
Ritual is training. Craftmanship is worship.
We come as lie breakers, not peace makers.
CTRL+Left: 1. Always Lies 2. Always Doubles Down 3. Always Projects
The CTRL-Left are people of cultivated helplessness sustained by invincible ignorance.
Never let the helpless define proportionality. They will reduce the limits for all to their helplessness.
Equality reduces men and women to the opposite’s weaknesses. Compatibility elevates them to the opposite’s strengths.
As soon as their interests shift, so does the loyalty… making it not loyalty at all but merely the trappings of loyalty.
(By: Gearóid Walsh)
The thing about P is you cannot *bypass* it.”
No, the group strategy is fine. I hate you as individuals, collectively.
People generally avoid the responsibility of discernment and accountability (in the most direct way possible).
Terrorizing boomers with concepts like “nation state, “incentives”, “limits/costs/externalities”, “ir/reciprocity”
Doubling down on partial truths soon brings absolute lies. That is the CTRL+LEFT cult now. They do not have a position anymore.
(By: Eric Weinstein)
Cultivate civility with disagreeability.
The DISC: Distributed Ideas Suppression Complex
(On the left) there is some weird anti-family thing.
It’s time to inflict ourselves on our own institutions.
We don’t want to see women pushed onto the apps.
How many people are we going to throw on the dummy pile?
Peer review means the exact opposite of what it actually should mean.
Social interactions become rich when people can pass power back and forth.
We’ve deranged society, because society is about continuity and continuity is about babies.
We can lie about us all being the same or we can recognize our gifts lie in different places.
Real peer-review is what happens after you’ve passed the bullshit thing, called peer-review.
We can pass power back and forth; we Jews have the power to celebrate German culture…
No we should not be pushing for citizenship for everyone in the country that is here illegally.
Epstein was behaving like a high 11 figure type guy with what appears to be a 9 figure fortune.
Everyone with-in the gated institutional narrative is hawking one conspiracy theory or another.
Fake Growth: downsizing, off-shoring, immigration, securitization; techniques used to save the system.
Peer review is a cancer from outer-space; it came from the biomedical community and invaded science.
I’m concerned right now about people finding partners to have children with; it’s an economic epidemic.
I’m an incredible hypocrite; hypocrisy offered the greatest benefits per unit of responsibility of all philosophies.
Heroic behavior comes from a group of people who, in general, are viewed as unsavory by the mainstream.
We’re killing our own innovative class with all these extra requirements for collegiality or diversity or regularity.
The American Scientific enterprise: National Science Foundation Academy of Sciences & our university systems are fraudulent.
There are reasons great work can not be peer-reviewed… peer review is not peer review it’s peer injunction.
I’m trying to be long good and short nice; nice doesn’t have a future it’s a performative version that crowds out good.
Economics is the logical meeting place for the two greatest ideas man has ever had.” -Eric Weinstein
String Theory is an affirmative action program for mathematically talented baby boomers to not work on the real world.
(By: Scott Adams)
I’m a systems nationalist.
If you can simplify you can frame.
Bernie, now, has gone full racist and full liar.
Republicans blame systems; Democrats blame people.
The Mexican(drug) cartels are a Chinese proxy-military.
Overheard: “Open borders is the opposite of reparations.
Violence is very underrated for a number of different things.
As of today; it’s irresponsible to hold political rallies. {3/10/2020}
This will be the first US presidential race that could be determined by a sneeze.
I’m thinking of registering Democrat just so I can lie to the FBI if I ever need to.
Firing skills > Hiring skills “Trump has more of the former and it’s more important.
Passion feels very democratic. It is the people’s talent, available to all. It’s also mostly bullshit.
I worry that if Bloomberg becomes president he will round up his enemies and put them in cubicles.
If the lasting impact of #WuhanVirus includes the end of shaking hands, could end save more lives than it takes.
The luckiest Americans will be the ones who get Coronavirus first, while there are still medical resources.
(By: G.K. Chesterton)
Logic is simply an intellectual sense of honor.
If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.
Fairy Tales are perhaps the highest form of art.
I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.
Every high civilization decays by forgetting obvious things.
Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.
The obvious effect of frivolous divorce will be frivolous marriage.
I write chiefly because I find so many people quite comically wrong.
Politicians have ruined politics; not by being stupid, but by being clever.
Modern toleration is really a tyranny. It is a tyranny because it is a silence.
The great man tries to be ordinary, and becomes extraordinary in the process.
The bully is the man who acts on the assumption that he will not have to fight.
There is nothing more consciously dreary than the deliberate pursuit of pleasure.
When all are sexless there will be equality. There will be no women and no men…
Government may grow into something worse than injustice; it may turn into treachery.
The Press has ceased to be roughly representative, and become almost solely oppressive.
Everybody knows what Birth Control means. It means love towards sex that is not towards life.
Modern people insist on talking about Birth Control when they mean less birth and no control.
It is not easy to draw the line anywhere; that is why it is so necessary to draw the line somewhere.
There are some things more important than peace, and one of them is the dignity of human nature.
It cannot be too often repeated that what destroyed the Family in the modern world was Capitalism.
It is no longer a question of having freedom to indulge folly, but of not having freedom to refuse folly.
You find the necessity of Liberty as you find the necessity of air; by not having enough of it & gasping.
By preaching individualism while preserving inequality, the Reformation produced modern Capitalism.
The worst enemies of the saints could not say of the saints anything worse than they said of themselves.
Professors or Intellectuals; these are a blight and a desolation both to their families and also to mankind.
It is only the man who is brave enough to challenge dragons who can discover that they are only lizards.
People quarrel because they cannot argue; it is extraordinary to notice how few people in the modern world can argue.
The essence of the Sentimentalist; seeking to enjoy every idea without its sequence & every pleasure without its consequence.
Just as it was the mark of old tyranny to stretch the law; the mark of new tyranny to make a law that can be stretched.
I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.
I think the Socialist & the Capitalist are very much alike, especially in the great unifying quality of being both wrong.
Modern man in revolt has become useless; by rebelling against everything he’s lost his right to rebel against anything.
Nationalism: recognition of the right of all nations to be national; the right of other nations, especially of small nations.
Fixed rule is the only protection of ordinary humanity against clever men — who are the natural enemies of humanity.
Of all such educational processes, the hardest and apparently the most hopeless is the education of the educated.
Voting is a bore, while arguing, shouting, heckling, & holding up one’s hand are, on the contrary, great fun.
A man who thinks hard about any subject for several years is in horrible danger of discovering the truth about it.
My complaint merely is that we are sacrificing what is natural and eternal to what is morbid and temporary.


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