Islam Is The Cancer of Civilizations And This is Why

Well, you know, Islam destroyed and reduced to ashes, ignorance, superstition, illiteracy, poverty, and dysgenia, Every great civilization it infected: North African, Egyptian, Levantine, Mesopotamian, Persian, Northwest Indian (Indus), and SE Asian. All the arts, literature, thought, religions, institutions, laws, innovations, and tremendous cultural competition were destroyed and the world deprived of them. And worse, Muslims have killed over 1B people in doing so. And ‘curing’ Islamic influence in a population (say, southeast Europe) appears impossible – forever imprisoning people in ‘backwardness’.

If one can practice East Asian Confucian and nationalism, Buddhism, Christianity, or Judaism, one is almost certain to evolve and prosper – albeit more slowly than european Aristotelianism. But Islam even destroyed the great civilization that was Persia. Persia might have survived if the Turks hadn’t imitated the Mongols just as the Muslims are currently imitating the Marxists.

There are many ways for a civilization to die. Islam is analogous to cancer. And thankfully Chinese and Indian civilizations have institutionalized the prohibition on Islam, and I suspect European and South American civilizations to move to prohibit Islam in this century.

Islam ‘feels good’ for the same reason heroin feels good: it kills you slowly by satisfying animal urges.

The best thing the world can do is eliminate the only existential threat to world harmony: the Abrahamic monotheistic religions whose sole invention by the Jews and Arabs was to destroy civilization so that low trust, superstitious, unproductive tribal people, didn’t have to compete with those advanced civilizations that dragged mankind out of superstition, ignorance, and poverty.

What’s wrong with European and East Asian Civilizations? THEY’RE EUGENIC. What does Islam create? DYSGENICS. That’s why Islam is appealing to the underclasses. It tells them that their inferiority is a good. It tells them ignorance superstition and non-competition are goods. it says knowledge is fixed. It asks obedience to ignorance.

If there is a demon or devil it is Abraham, and if there is a cancer among mankind it is the false promises of the Semitic cults whether they are Judaism, Christianity, or Islam by supernatural means, or marxism, socialism, hbd-denail and feminism by pseudoscientific means; or postmodernism, pilpul, critique by means of sophistry.

Our mission in this century, to save all of mankind from the 2000 year war against the art of Semitic false promise (lies by sophistry, pseudoscience, and supernaturalism) is the eradication of Semitic False Promise from the face of this earth: whether sophistry, pseudoscience, or supernaturalism.

No more lies. Only Europeans discovered, adapted to, and applied the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe. And with those laws we dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, and early death.

And it is only Islam that seeks to reverse evolution, restore ignorance and superstition, and as a consequence reduce us to ignorance and poverty.

The Jewish thought-crimes of marxism, socialism, postmodernism, feminism, hbd-denialism, and their false promises of freedom from the laws of nature by gossip, propaganda, and shaming, by casting Europeans as criminals who invented the laws of nature rather than discovering and obeying the laws of nature can be cured through legal prohibition.

The Christian thought crimes of claiming enlightenment, tolerance and conviction while practicing ignorance, irresponsibility, and convenience are tragic but surmountable. Can be cured through education.

The Islamic thought crimes of reversal of evolution through dysgenia, ignorance, superstition, and obedience can only be cured by separation or elimination.

The only ‘good’ religion I know of is (a) nature and ancestor worship (heathenism), (b) archetype worship of ancestral heroes (paganism), and ( c) ‘the way’ of Hinduism. The East Asians have demonstrated that no religion other than ancestor worship is necessary, and A coherent rational philosophy is necessary, and now a coherent science is necessary. That is the ‘true’ organization of society.

Mindfulness by:
.. Masculine: Stoicism and Epicureanism
.. or Feminine: Buddhism.

A rational philosophy of:
.. And formal and Physical Sciences
.. And Ethonationalism (people as State),
.. And Evolutionary Transcendence (innovation)

Regulated by:
… A Universal Militia of Every Able Bodied Man
… The Law and Rule of law of reciprocity
… The State with professional bureaucracy under rule of law.

… Continuous, adversarial (competitive), evolutionary markets for association, cooperation, production of goods, services, and information, production of commons (government), and production of polities (many nation-states).
… The continuous evolution of man out of the superstitious, impulsive, animals, into omniscient, and omnipotent gods we can imagine.

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