Performative (Existential) Truth

Performative Truth rather than the pretense of it, requires consistency of properties (identity) of reference, internal consistency (logical consistency), consistency of operational possibility (sequences in time), consistency of observed consequences (empiricism), rational choice by rational incentives, reciprocity (bi-directional rational choice), coherence (consistency with realism, naturalism, and operationalism), completeness by stated limits, and full accounting within them, are the minimum criteria for due diligence against falsehood by ignorance, error, bias, and deceit, under liability for having performed that due diligence.

This is the analytic and complete inventory of the criteria we use in the judgment of the truth today – and have for centuries. It’s just that the scientific community is less demanding than the court, the philosophical community less so than the scientific, and the informal community lacking constraint at all. And the academic, public intellectual, commercial, economic, financial, and political communities abuse with reckless abandon. And with religions – whether supernatural or pseudoscientific (marxism – feminism et al) or sophistry (postmodernism et all) – specializing in lying.

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