—“Earlier in the year, around Richmond event, you posted something to the effect that God had imbued us with special chosenness and with the divine mandate to lead the rest of the world kicking and screaming out of poverty, ignorance etc. And that parasitism, tolerance, and civ collapse is the price we pay to the universe for these gifts. Did I understand your thoughts clearly?”—

You understood correctly (or at least closely enough) because I was speaking in the language and grammar of inspirational theology: wisdom. In my work I am not working in the language and grammar of inspirational theology, but of juridical decidability: science.

It’s not that I”m incapable of inspirational prose. It’s that it’s not the problem that needs solving because every appeal to inspiration that affects any faction of the right will alienate the rest of the factions of the right. So, I just use truth and policy under the presumption that rational self-interest in self-preservation will eventually eclipse shallow demand for emotional inspiration.

That said, I absolutely positively agree with what I said to you. It’s just that my concept of God, which you take as anthropomorphic is considerably more complex and the difference between the Semitic god and my understanding is a bit like the difference between arithmetic and geometric transformations in n!-dimensional manifolds so to speak. So we can only, and therefore must, imagine ‘god’ as what we are capable of imagining and understanding. And we all must hold onto the presumption that there are those more capable of understanding than we, and that at some point others more capable than them.

If the universe can calculate something it will, and will do so when and where it must, and not where it can’t and mustn’t. The challenge for man is that god does not care for man, and the universe is not made for us, but we for it, and we are being constructed over eons to fulfill the universe’s purpose – as are others like and unlike us too – because most of us will fail. The stories of the gods are made by men to make our ‘utility’ bearable.

So my words are spoken in the context that in retrospect it is rather evident that we HAVE dragged mankind out of his condition as animal into at least some potential for godhood ourselves – to act as the hands of the gods on their behalf.

The truth is, that all evidence is that the universe and the gods care nothing for us, other than what they must in order to achieve their ends. This is why I prefer the pagan gods. They are equal fictions but at least they do not lie, and they were not invented by men to deceive men to profit or manipulate, control, or govern, or comfort men but to EDUCATE THEM.

We are, at least in potential, sort of like neo to the architect: the exception that proves the rule. The outliers.

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