The Jewish Left’s War on Sensemaking has a purpose: Undermining.

@DanielSchmacht1 & I discussed the challenges involved in making sense of the human experience. Daniel’s central interest is civilization design, in service to coordinated conscious sustainable evolution. –Tim Freke

Making sense … is that a Platonic? Let’s ask differently. We can model the world accurately or not. When we model the world inaccurately, then what is our motive for doing so? Can we change our motive instead? Isn’t ‘sensemaking’ then an attempt at fiction? (Self Medication?)

—“Perception is itself a form of sense making. When learning arises in simple forms of life it requires putting information into a timebases narrative of some sort. It is not fiction-making so much as a pragmatic necessity. This doesn’t mean the map can ever be the terrain.”–Tim Freke @TimFreke

Let’s stay with the science.

1) We build a model. That model is produced by predicting from experience – direct experience to indirect experience – and recursively: we predict futures from that model and those experiences.

2) We vary in prediction by need (value) and experience and information quality, and the possibility of falsification of those predictions. It’s this falsification that plagues most people with limited experience in the hierarchy of complexity of roles in a civilization.

3) All human institutions seek to produce commensurability in a group, facilitating cooperation, in furtherance of a group strategy – in which many are unfit. The group strategy of each civilization evolved given the fitness of the population, and it was institutionalized by the first of the three possible political institutions: religion for the worst, state for the better, and law for the best.

4) Those who are unfit in families that are unfit, in classes that are unfit can be enslaved or enserfed, sedated through institutionalized lying or through self-constructed lying, or they can be trained in mindfulness, governed, and rewarded for it. But Lying prevents good training, government, rewards.

6) So while I’ll go along with the postmodern ‘sensemaking’ narrative because in the abstract it’s a central problem of human survival – the fact is that ‘unmaking of sense’ was done on purpose for the past century or more by sophistry rather than modernization of institutions.

7) The West’s Group strategy is maximizing speed, maneuver, adaptation, innovation, by the continuous domestication (farming) of agency, through self-determination, sovereignty and reciprocity, oath and truth before face, dependent on meritocracy, absent authority, leaving only adversarialism as a means of decidability, voting for production of commons, rule of law for dispute resolution, and markets for the production of goods services and information, and the necessity governing those with less agency, and culling those who lack agency, by natural and market selection, producing the civilization with the greatest conformity to and discovery of, adaptation to and application of the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe. This method of organization is the cause of western velocity of advancement in just a few centuries in the bronze, iron, steel, and information ages. While the west was not first, it was always fastest, which made it first more often.  But this group strategy produces high trust, and Christianity, solving the problem of incentives for the slave serf and female classes unable to compete economically, politically, and militarily, exacerbated the problem of excessive trust. And democracy gave that excessive trust access to political power to undermine that group strategy. 

8) The Jewish Left’s strategy, especially the Ashkenazi strategy, is specifically evolved to take advantage of the west’s high trust civilization to operate as a vast organized crime family that uses western self-determination, sovereignty, and reciprocity to undermine the entire system of thought, norms, traditions, institutions, laws, and intergenerational transfer of this strategy. This strategy is extremely successful because of european tolerance. 

9) The origin of our tolerance in self-determination, in the production of agency, in Christian forgiveness … but we don’t bait one another into hazards we don’t even think of it. . They do. And specialize in industries that are parasitic

7) Stop The Left’s Strategy of Incremental Undermining by Delay and Deceive: Where the Chinese rely on their cultural institution of the ancient method of “Accumulate Forces by Delay and Deceive from Without” the Jewish Left equally relies on their cultural and religious institution of the ancient female method of  “Undermine Forces by Delay and Deceive From Within.” 

“The Chinese use Delay and Deceive while they capitalize. The left uses Delay and Deceive while they undermine. Fundamentally the only difference is the left strategy is from within and the Chinese strategy is from without.”

8) Stop of the Four Great Leftist Lies: There are four sciences: The formal or logical, the physical or material, the natural or behavioral, and the evolutionary or survival. The Jewish Left has produced a set of lies that undermine ‘sensemaking’ by undermining each of these laws.

    1. False Promise of Freedom from Formal Laws (logic) by the use of social construction of repetitive feedback of information counter to formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.
    2. False Promise of Freedom from Physical Laws (scarcity, false promise of endless growth). by the false promise of endless growth, an end to scarcity, and an end to human competition by demonstrated acquisition.
    3. False Promise of Freedom Natural Laws (of self-interest, rational choice, amorality, reciprocity, competitive organization), by the false promise of an end to kin selection, koinophillia, ethnocentrism, sex, class, subrace, and racial differences, and the sexual, social, economic, and political value of organization by ethnocentrism given the class, subrace, and subrace differences in sexual, social economic and political value to one another, given the substantial evolutionary difference between the races and subraces.
    4. False Promise of Freedom from Evolutionary Laws ( ending natural, and market selection, accumulating mutation and regulation, the impossibility of isolation, inescapable regression, accumulated genetic load, dysgenia, and the red queen of resources, competitors, biological, climatological, geological, solar, and galactic risks. ).

8) Stop the Tactics of The Left’s Lying:

    1. Faith Healing, delaying into hazard. Faith Healing consists of providing temporary psychological relief while allowing the cause to persist, grow, evolve
    2. False Promise, baiting into hazard. Baiting into hazard consists of making false promises of freedom from the laws of the universe.
    3. False Criticism, undermining into hazard. 

The Jewish Left’s strategy is to provide faith healing if they can (lie and deny), sell false promise if they need to (fraud), and undermine if they have to (sedition).

10) The Success of the Strategy

    1. In just seventy years the Jewish left succeeded in (a) turning the USA into a third world country (b) repeating the bolshevik revolution (Antifa, BLM), and (c) repeating the undermining of Roman civilization (d) and brining about another dark age – this time not of supernatural ignorance, but of pseudoscientific ignorance.. Why? Jewish hatred of reality, nature, and mankind on the one hand and Christian tolerance, and conservative stupidity on the other.
    2. Undermining American arts, humanities, behavioral sciences, values, religion, culture, marriage, law, finance, media, entertainment.
    3. Sponsoring third world immigration into France and under the French EU project into the rest of Europe.
    4. Sponsoring the de-Prussification (De Europeanization) of Germany during and after the world wars, which was the restoration of our european tradition after the Jewish dark ages. Conspiring against the german people before, during and after the first world war.
    5. Destroying the Russian empire, murdering tens of millions, and setting eastern Europe back a century.
    6. Converting the strategy of judaism to underming Christianity to weaken, to  communism to undermine, socialism to weaken, neo-marxism, Freudianism boazinism, to undermine, postmodernism to undermine truth, feminism to undermine the family, libertarianism to undermine rule of law, neoconservatism to undermine insularity.
    7. Upon freedom to integrate, Converting the British empire in just a few decades from a moral white man’s burden to a predatory financial empire. 
    8. Financing Napoleon to destroy the German Holy Roman Empire, and turning europe into a wasteland while paris raped the great houses and churches of europe.
    9. Specializing in organized crime upon the ordinary european people for two thousand years.
    10. Undermining roman civilization from within with the false promises of Christianity preventing the recovery of Rome, and spreading ignorance and superstition throughout european civilization, destroying our arts and letters, destroying our natural religion, and creating a thousand-year dark age.

9) No More Lies.

    • No more lies will make sense-making possible.
    • European natural religion has no devil, only demons. And we know the name of the worst of them all. His name was Abraham, he was from Ur, and The Jews and Muslims are his followers. And their weapon is lies.


(Not that David isn’t a good, wise man. It’s just the wrong answer.)

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