The Four Steps of the Ashkenazi Undermining of Civilization


1. Demoralization 15-30 years. A generation or more. The moral fiber and integrity of a people is put into question, creating doubt of the legitimacy of their society.

2. Destabilization: Change a society’s status quo: create a massive intrusive government permeating society.

3. Crisis: a revolutionary change of power using a cataclysmic event and divides a country – creating panic amongst citizens. Subverting the constitution. Altering checks and balances. Theft of an election via fraud.

4. Normalization: 20 years or more. The final stage. Where the populace acquiesces and assimilates to the new order of the society.

—“As i mentioned before exposure to true information doesn’t matter anymore. A demoralized person can’t assess information, even if I shower him with information by proof, documents, and pictures – that is the tragedy of demoralization”—

This is a roadmap to how our population was defeated – by the Ashkenazi revolt against civilization in Russia, Germany, France, and now the entire west. The same process today as in taking down the roman empire.


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