Preventing Civil War: The Demands

Preventing Civil War: The Demands

Such that we may have this debate and seek to come to a compromise rather than the bloodiest, longest, most brutal civil war in human history, where tens of millions will certainly die:

… a) All Political Speech and Political Affiliation is Protected Speech, and Political Affiliation Protected class.
… b) The criminalization of all attempts at suppression of testimonial, truthful, reciprocal, empirical speech, and licensing of extrajudicial punishment to cease them.
… c) Enforcement of the Law of Non-Aggression – extending self-defense, standing one’s ground, castle doctrine, and civil defense of the commons – licensing shoot-to-kill on the first demonstration of aggression whether by obstruction, challenge, threat, or force.

No more lies. We will choose our destiny by Honest discourse or honest violence, but not by the restraint of violence by tolerance for violence and lies.We are incompatible because the Right’s Eugenics and Left’s Dysgenics are politically incompatible and irreconcilable.

So we may grant one another the right of self-determination by political separation, and political enforcement of our differences in right eugenic and evolutionary and left dysgenic strategies.

But neither has the right to deprive the other of self-determination.

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