Retaliation Rules without Restitution

(by Brandon Hayes @ThruTheHayes)

  1. Natural law prevents retaliation cycles by requiring all acts, words, & displays to be due diligent & warrantied with promise of restitution for damages. Without restitution comes unmeasured retaliation in seek of Nash equilibration. — Brandon Hayes @ThruTheHayes
  2. The ideology of human rights posits unified humanity at once as a given fact and as an ideal, as something that is and something that should be; in other words, as a sort of potential truth that cannot be verified and would appear fully only when it is realised. — @alaindebenoist

  3. Human rights were developed to force states to internal production rather than conquest. The LEFT twisted this yet again as The False Promise of Freedom from Physical Natural and Evolutionary Laws, given the vast difference in group demographics (eugenics). — Curt Doolittle
  4. The feminine can only manifest as an ideology (the left) when it is itself the beneficiary of freedom from physical nature and evolutionary laws – to offer anything other than that false promise would be to self destruct. — @LukeWeinhagen
  5. But there is no beneficiary of freedom from the laws of physics, nature, and evolution. Because that’s absurd. Wait, that’s his precise point.—@TruthQuest11
  6. It’s insurance from them. A father, a husband or whole social group can insure a woman from effects of nature. It’s stable as long as women don’t get to make decisions about what needs to be insured and how much in place of their insurers. —@WorMartiN

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